Added a product review for Eastern Bikes 9'er Cassette Wheel Wheels 6/6/2010 2:55 PM

Worst Rim!!!


The Good: nothing at all

The Bad: Everything

Overall: I dented the rim the day i got it. I blew the hub apart twice. I hate this wheel.

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Added a product review for Colony Integrated Headset 6/6/2010 2:49 PM

This Headset is Great


The Good: Has many colors. Very smooth

The Bad: nothing at all

Overall: This a very good headset, it does everything it needs to very well.

This product has 15 reviews

Added a product review for Fit Repeater Grips 6/6/2010 2:43 PM

The Best Grips


The Good: These are the best grips, i still have great grip once my hands start to sweat.

The Bad: i dropped my bike and the corner of a hubba hit my grips and put a whole in them

Overall: If you are looking for great grips get these.

This product has 5 reviews

Added a product review for Haro H-Crest Seat Seat 6/6/2010 2:37 PM

Worst Seat Out There


The Good: It is just awful

The Bad: Everything

Overall: Never get this seat. It rips very easily

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Added a product review for Colony Bottom Bracket 6/6/2010 2:33 PM

Colony BB.


The Good: The cones look great

The Bad: Nothing yet

Overall: i love the look of this BB but idk if it will hold up. it has for the last 2 months

This product has 6 reviews

Added a product review for Colony Official Sprocket 6/6/2010 2:27 PM

I Love This Sprocket


The Good: This chainwheel has held up to over a year of abuse and is still going strong.

The Bad: Nothing at all

Overall: This is my favorite sprocket ive had, my old sprocket i bent and this one is staying true to its self and is great.

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Added a product review for Colony Phantom Frame 6/6/2010 2:00 PM

Good, Fun Frame


The Good: Light, looks great, strong

The Bad: I dented the chainstay doing feeble grinds on a hubba the first time with the frame

Overall: This frame is stong for impacts but it dents really easily (either that or i grind weird). It is one of the coolest looking frames,

This product has 10 reviews

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