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I've been working on this edit for about five months and I'm pretty stoked on how it turned out. I've been riding 2 years. I would love some feedback from you guys, cheers!

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I would want like a lot of flat ledges about 2 foot high and a lot of mellow quarters about 5 foot tall 7.5 radius is perfect! A lot of flat banks some decent stair sets with a lot of rails and I like my parks outside but undercover.

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Ashley Charles dinero frame

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Yeah that's one of my school friend being a homo as you do

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I started it about 4 months ago and sold about 400 shirts and I have 4 sponsored riders on the team and 3 skaters

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I broke my nose today... So like this cause I'm in pain and I'm starting a cloathing company every like helps so much! Thankyou

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Bike 100% my last two girls have been fucking annoying slags and my current is clings gonna ditch her tommorow.

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But it's all good

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Joris on Subrosa?

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Because 1) can't afford them 2) STREEEEETTT 3) I do flowy park with the occasional flyout whip air or bar flyout

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I dislocated my ankle yesterday

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I've rode with Ryan Taylor at Corby he was a chill guy oh and I talked to loads at dub street series in Bristol.

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Bad a bing bad a boom.

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Eerrm Nathan Williams Chad kerley Tom Dugan Stevie Churchill Daniel Sandoval

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I doubt it would have heat marks but you can blow torch any raw frames to make them look like they have heat marks I suppose.

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Normal fafs

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