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The Good: everything

The Bad: seat,grips


I have a 2012 version butthey are all the same.The same bike but just different colors. I have had mine for about a year and a half,and i have only had the basic wear and tear problems on this bike. I have upgraded my chain,grips,pedals,rims, tires, valve caps. When I first got the bike I was supprised of the quality of the bike. Even though it is tension steel, This bike could be hit with a sledge hammer and still be fine. The grips should be replaced immediately(I recomend ODI longnecks). They are nice at first , but like all stock grips they wear down almost immediately.As of the tires, Kenda Kontacts lasted me about a year and a month and i just replaced them because i skidded a lot. Everything is pretty much unseal, but this bike may have a semisealed rear hub(not really sure). The cracks "pop" a lot but most stock cranks do. If you are just getting into BMX, this i s the bike for you.It is great to build off of, and great to learn your mechanics off of. I would recomend this bike to anybody, expecially sombody on a budget.

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