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The Daily Grind cheap and chromoly!

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We run into this a lot here at the shop. Fly makes an amazing set up that will fit what you need. 100% Chromoly 20.2 top tube Fully sealed wheels ect... AND....Under $your budget! Hope that helps! ... more »

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We have a few of the Cult Signature bikes that are full chromoly on sale for $399.95 Hawk Signature Dehart Signature Hope that helps someone

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Such a rad idea. It's good to see all walks of BMX come together. Dave will be very missed. We starting painting all of our personal pedals at the shop and decided to do a bunch to give away as well.

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In Trans black just 20.5 available. However I do have one in 21" in that "stainless steel" finish hanging on the wall in the retail store I can get you for $259.95 if you are into it. --Flip

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Just sounds like your wheel is flexing and if your spokes are tight they are making noise from the point where they cross. If it really bothers you just add a drop (DO NOT OVER DO IT) of lube at the point where the spokes cross and that should make the ... more »

Started new thread Cheapest Pro Level Custom Bike 1/26/2016 11:39 AM

Pretty shocked on the price. I had fun doing this. Let me know what you guys think and what you would change with a budget of less than $1000.

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This is a false statement...our plungers don't actually work!

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For sure...Those Albe's dudes aren't very nice at all! JK...They are all super cool and handsome but I guess it could be said that my opinion could be skewed.

Added reply in a thread Danscomp/albes 1/25/2016 10:15 AM

Actually I just made "ILIKEBOOBS" a discount code. May not work on some sale items.

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I like boobs

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I've seen a few people wrap a piece if electrical tape or a good looking sticker around the tube to cover each mount. Kinda looks like a cool stripe on each seat stay then.

Added reply in a thread recommendation on knee/shin guards 1/12/2016 7:03 PM

They are a little pricey but Fuse makes really good ones. Check them out.

Added reply in a thread Need new rim/hub bad! A broke college student 1/12/2016 6:59 PM

Kink Incite rear wheel on sale and you get the front for FREE. Or if you prefer Profile brand stuff we have some used sets pretty cheap in the "used crap" page on the Albe's site. ... more »

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The Fit bikes tend to be the best bikes for the money when you are comparing the same price range. However the deal we have on that Subrosa Novus for just $575 is almost too good to pass up. ... more »

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Hey. If you just need a spoke / nipple or two just email me at and I'll just throw a couple in an envelope for you. Just let me know what rim / hub you have so I know what size to send.

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The Daily Grind guards are super tough, pretty cheap and should fit that hub just fine.

Started new thread Albe's "Used Crap" 1/12/2016 3:19 PM

I found the time to add a bunch of stuff to the "Used Crap" page on the Albe's website and figured some of you may be into some of the deals. Most of the stuff is from traded in stuff from a lot of the Albe's locals or team guys that we give stuff too

... more »

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Crap! Sorry. I feel bad I missed this question. THEY WILL NOT INTERCHANGE! hahaha Better late than never.

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