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The Total Hangover http://www.albes.com/total-bmx-hangover-frame.aspx or the Premium GutterShark http://www.albes.com/premiumguttersharkframe.aspx are the ones we sell the most and people seem to like for more than 15 minutes. www.albes.com

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This is a PARTY!!! www.albes.com

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I don't know much about the Diamond Back line but I do know there are a ton of really good bikes available these days. We have them starting as low as $169.95. Check em' http://www.albes.com/stockbikes-1.aspx As far as helmets go I'd try really hard ... more »

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I was wondering if anyone would notice that. Good to see some people still have a sense of humor these days. www.albes.com

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Most of the seats are pretty much the same in their sizes ranges. In most cases the "fat" seats will be a little more comfortable. Our best selling seat right now is the Kink Bad Timing seat. Check it at the link below. http://www.albes.com/kink-x-bad-timing-pivotal-seat.aspx ... more »

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Yo, The price of the Haro is a bit more due to a better frame with butted tubing, better for with investment cast drop out, some aftermarket Demolition parts, and a free coaster rear wheel. The Haro is a better bike but the question is do you NEED that ... more »

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That WTP is a great bike. We have ONE LEFT if you are into it. http://www.albes.com/we-the-people-2015-crysis-bike.aspx Also check out the DK Model X. It's also in that price rage and is one of the best bikes out for the money. http://www.albes.com/search.aspx?find=dk%20model%20x ... more »

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I agree! --Flip www.albes.com

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Hey! Any of those Signature Fit bikes like at the link below would be GREAT! http://www.albes.com/search.aspx?find=fit%20sig%20stock Also check out this DK that is a little cheaper but VERY good. http://www.albes.com/search.aspx?find=DK%20Model%20X If ... more »

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Hey. We ship to the UK everyday so shipping is no issue. As far as internals go we can do it but if you need everything it would cost as much as a hub. I'd suggest you just buy a new hub (with KHE internals) in 36 hole and trade us the 36 shell for the ... more »

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I have a 48 hole KHE Reverse shell in black that was never laced. Yours for $25 plus shipping if you want it. --Flip www.albes.com

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That looks like something that came on a stock sub $350 bike like a Kink Curb or something. It's probably not worth putting the time, or money into fixing it. Save some aggravation and go with a new wheel. You can get a double walled rim and a sealed ... more »

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We have a few other videos posted about the Zcoaster at the link below that show a bit more how it works. http://www.albes.com/search.aspx?find=profile%20z I liked the idea behind the Ezra one and it was pretty close to being good. The problem with the ... more »

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The best bike you'll get for the money right now http://www.albes.com/dk-helio-2014-bike.aspx Full chromoly frame, fork and bars Fully sealed wheels, BB and headset Pivotal seat www.albes.com

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www.albes.com was voted the BEST BMX SHOP in the WORLD!** ** by everybody that works here

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We have the Primo, Shadow and Fiend Freecoaster hubs in polished. Pair them up with a a decent rim such as an Odyssey Hazard lite and some regular spokes and we'll lace them for free. Then you'll have your polished hub complete wheel for about $235. ... more »

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For Freecoaster options check these out. Use the code "Turnaround" for 15 % off most of the stuff on the site. http://www.albes.com/alienation-rush-demo.freecoaster-wheel.aspx Pinned rim but still plenty tough or http://www.albes.com/demolition-rotator-freecoaster-wheel.aspx ... more »

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My bike has always had front brakes --Flip www.albes.com

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Holy Shit! There is no way that should cost $840 for shipping. CONTACT THEM and see if they will work with you! www.albes.com