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Sick Picture.

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heew vlw quse

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hay bruuu

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So it is beginning to get nice out, here in PA! Been riding alot. Kinda' jonesing to get outside more, just ride something different. My friend Jorge and I shot some stuff outside the other day. I posted a couple of them. Check them out if you like. Go ride, it's nice out!


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Finally... I have been fighting some crazy hybrid flu for 2 weeks! I got back on my bike sunday and am starting to feel pretty normal again. Dennis McCoy was in town over the weekend. It was cool to have someone to ride with for a little bit. Good session.

It is starting to get nice out lately. Had...more

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Well it's cold outside, no hold on it's warm out! This is an example of PA weather. It's 15 out today and 50 tomorrow! Needless to say I have gotten sick due to this. I rarely get sick, and never enough to keep me off my bike. I did this time and its been nearly a week now and I'm not good yet! So...more

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Good seeing you at camp! Vert isn't dead after all. Guess it was just a rumor!

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