Added a product review for Fit WIFI Frame 9/20/2012 4:34 PM

The Fit Wifi


The Good: - steep headtube angle makes everything super quick to pull up - short chainstay makes spinning super easy and efortless - colours & decals look great

The Bad: None at all


Overall, this frame is great for anyone who rides street everyday. Learning spins on this frame is an ideal place to start, I fell in love with mine...

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great products! Lookin' forward to them ... And everything like that

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Shadow half link


The Good: simple: Strong.....

The Bad: none......

Overall: great chain, go and get yourself one. rides smooth and is extremely durable

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The Good: - holds great - tightened mine only a few times - light weight/slim - on top of everything, it looks awesome

The Bad: - chipped my face plate fairly easily, but the performance is still there

Overall: go out and buy one, it'll last you a solid chunk of riding. It can take a beating, looks sweet in raw.

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