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New thread Brand New GoPro Hero3 Silver 1/13/2013 6:54 PM

I won this thing in a charity raffle around the holiday season. I have a camera, I don't need this thing... what a great deal, right? I haven't even opened the thing. It's just the camera, no memory card or whatever. They go for $300 online, I'm looking

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New thread Guerra Moose Frame 12/22/2012 5:04 PM

I can't wait for this frame, it looks dialed! peep it over @ and his promo video is up on Vital's main page

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New thread Labor Day Sale! 8/31/2012 10:04 AM

Happy labor day weekend boys! My good friends at Vein BMX gave me the hook up on a 10% discount code! That's 10% off ERRYFRANG ! Pick up some goodies and enter the code : laborday Bang your mouse over the logo below for some BMX savings! ... more »

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New thread Summer Time Bike Check *Prototype Parts Inside* 6/7/2012 10:14 AM

Frame - Eastern 'Sample', 20.75" (I don't know much about it, tubing seems skinnier, they gave it to my 200 pound ass to test) Fork - Guerra Bane Headset - Eastern w/Carbon Spacers Stem - Profile Acoustic 48mm Bars - BSD WZA Grips ... more »

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New thread BSD WZA bars 5/30/2012 8:13 AM

So I am getting a set on a smokin' deal, does anyone have experience with them? Could anyone compare them to Fit Sky High's or Eastern Karl bars? Those are the only other bars I have used in the last 4 years or so. They are 2nd hand so I'm not worried ... more »

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New thread Eastern CODEC 20.75" 3/4/2012 9:25 AM

PayPal only, no trades (unless you have a Verizon iphone) Used since August of 2011 so she's still got plenty of life. No dents on the downtube and the left chainstay is missing a lot of paint but it isn't dented. I only ran one chain ... more »

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New thread My new rig 2/28/2012 6:42 PM

Frame - Fly Tierra 4 (20.6) Fork - Guerra Bane Headset - Eastern Stem - Animal Jumpoff (pinched and old) Bars - Eastern KQP Grips - Eastern Elephant Cranks - Eastern Nomad Pedals - Eastern Crown Sprocket - Odyssey MDS (28t) Chain - Nitrous ... more »

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New thread Bike check from 2007 2/18/2012 9:47 PM

I found this picture of a bike I use to have and thought some of you might like it

Frame - Fit Eddie Cleavland Fork - Odyssey Directors Stem - Standard Headset - Campy Bars - KHE Cirrus Grips - Eastern Skull Cranks - Eastern Stealth Pedals ... more »

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New thread Skworl Indoor Domination 1/11/2012 7:11 PM

Living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, my friends and myself are forced to ride an indoor park for a few months every year. It's skater owned, the owners are cool and all, but the park isn't all that much fun for the average park rat. It's more like ... more »

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New thread New Years Jizz Check 1/1/2012 8:10 PM

Frame - Eastern CODEC 20.75" Fork - Guerra Bane (Top cap - Eastern) Stem - Animal Headset - Eastern (Carbon Spacers) Bars - 8.5" Jizz Grips - Eastern Elephant Bar Ends - Eastern PC Cranks - Eastern Nomad Pedals - Eastern Crown (no ... more »

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New thread Top 5 Top 5's 11/23/2011 5:02 PM

1. Top 5 Valve Caps 2. Top 5 Cranks 3. Top 5 Frames 4. Top 5 Completes 5. Top 5 (cupovjoe's)

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New thread HD Camera + Lens' for sale 11/21/2011 3:44 PM

No trades, Paypal only I have a Cannon HV20 HD Camera that films in 1080p. I also have a wide angle and fish eye lens,charger, extra battery, case, car charger, and a few tapes. I also have a carrying handle for filming. I have recently upgraded and ... more »

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New thread Post a video of you riding 11/13/2011 10:55 PM

As the title says, lets see how all of you guys ride. From learning to 180 and manual to getting double flair barspins, I want to see some footage of the good people I talk to everyday on Vital... I will start... This video was filmed from 2003 to 2005 ... more »

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New thread Amber completes prices slashed at Vein BMX 10/13/2011 3:49 PM

Know someone who is interested in buying a complete? Send them in Vein's direction MARKED DOWN TO MOVE

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New thread Rum River BMX Dirt Jam coverage 10/3/2011 8:53 PM

Sunday september 25th, a few good guys put a dirt contest together at a well known bmx track. It was in my home town at a track I use to ride at when I was a kid, so I had to go. I'm not much of a dirt jumper, but I had a little fun and even did some ... more »

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New thread Eastern Motley Cranks - MUST SELL NOW 9/4/2011 7:13 PM

Paypal only - no trades Like New Acid Wash Eastern Motley Cranks - $40

*ignore the stem and sprocket* need the money boys, help a brother out

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New thread Seamus Mckeon off Subrosa, on Guerra/Ezra 8/26/2011 2:02 PM

Kid is a shredder, psyched to see him on an already stacked team!

Bike check @

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New thread G-Sport Gland Contest 8/22/2011 11:17 PM

Who wants a new hubguard? I have a Gland in the package, I will send you if you can answer these 2 questions... 1. What does "BJ" stand for in my name? 2. Who is my favorite NFL player (Clue... played for Florida, now is a Minnesota Viking)

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New thread My Bikes 7/27/2011 9:04 PM

Frame - Eastern CODEC, 20.75" Forks - Eastern Hawkeye Stem - Animal Jump Off Bars - Eastern KQP Headset - Eastern w/ Carbon Spacers Grips - Eastern Elephant Cranks - Eastern Nomad Pedals - Eastern Crown Sprocket - Eastern Shogun Chain - Nitrous ... more »

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New thread FS Cranks, Venus Wheels, Standard Frame, Plus More 7/26/2011 10:55 AM

Like the subject says, I have some parts for sale. After moving into my new apartment and getting a new road bike, I need to make some room. I had a 2nd bike built up for trails, but it really didn't see much use, so I parted it out and here's what's

... more »

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