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Great Frame!


The Good: Strong, looks sick as fuck, I love the geometry, light, made in 'Murica, full chromoly.

The Bad: Paint chips easily but mine isn't as bad as everyone else's seems to be. Other than that nothing.

Overall: Really good frame with amazing geometry. It's really strong and the colors are really, really sick. It's made in America. Overall an amazing frame. If you like the geometry get it!

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You're just goofy. I'm right foot forward but footjam with my left. It's not a big deal.

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Just don't get folding ones and they'll last you for a while.

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I'd say get a 20.5

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Get a 2.25" Fit FAF in the front and a 2.30" Fit FAF in the back. Best tire setup.

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My friend had it and it slipped like crazy.

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I'm rocking the Etnies Brake shoes and I'm really liking them.

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I'd say get one of the Fit completes. They seem to be really solid from what I've seen. If you get a Fit though make sure to get one of the 2nd tier ones, they're like $50 more but it's really worth it; sealed front hub, chromoly bars and fork, pivotal ... more »

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I have the Random Wrench V2 and I love it. The only thing I don't like about it is it's absence of a 19mm Socket.

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20.25" Top Tube Length 75.25° Head Tube Angle 11.6" Bottom Bracket Height 71° Seat Tube Angle 13" Chain Stay Length 9" Stand Over Beefy Tubing Heat Treated Everything Full CrMo Double Gussets Made by S&M No Brake Mounts Micro Drop Outs Integrated ... more »

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They're all the same just make sure you get the right size and type.

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I'd say get Demolition Revolt cranks and get the Odyssey complete wheelset or Demolition complete wheelset. And get Demoltion (plastic) pegs or Shadow pegs. And Odyssey Race forks

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I had the Cult Mind Control and it slipped lots. The best stem I've ever had (and still have) is the Profile Acoustic. I've had it since August and it hasn't slipped once. Get it!

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I've always rode 2.25 in the front and 2.3 in the back because they're the same size and I like the grip in the front. That's what I'd get.

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Super Comfy Seat!


The Good: Super, super comfortable, light, looks really good, different colored logos.

The Bad: Nothing at all.


This is the best seat I've ever had. It's super comfy (like sitting on a couch) and looks really good. If you're buying a seat, definitely get this one!

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Worst Grips I've Ever Had


The Good: Nothing other than they're thick.

The Bad: Short, uncomfortable as hell, give you rank blisters, really sweaty, and feel really weird.


These grips are awful! They're the worst grips I've ever had, and I only had them for 2 weeks. I feel bad for Ben Hucke.

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I'm looking for a helmet that's comfy, light, and looks good. I've gotten it down to the Pro Tec Bucky Lasek Classic and TSG Evolution. I've heard good things about both but which do you think is better? Any other good helmet suggestions are appreciated ... more »

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Thanks man

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I like both, but the BTM is made in America and I like the colours more. Both great frames though!

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Get the BTM, so sick and such sick geo.