Added a product review for Cult FAITH Grips 8/17/2012 7:55 PM

Very good grips.


The Good: Super soft, grip nice, have lots of color options and last a long time.

The Bad: Come with bad bar ends and feel wierd after having ODI's.

Overall: My favorite grips so far. Get these.

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Added reply in a thread Next Trick I Should Learn 8/4/2012 9:57 PM

i think you should learn barspins

Added a product review for Fit F.A.F. Tire 8/4/2012 9:03 AM

Fit F.A.F.


The Good: They look sick and have good grip unless you ride in water.

The Bad: Wear out if you don't use brakes.

Overall: These tires are the best.

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Little One Pegs Pegs 8/4/2012 8:55 AM

Best pegs out there.


The Good: They look great, grind smooth and you can move around the anit-roll pin to make sure you get the most out of the peg.

The Bad: Nothing at all

Overall: If you want to get pegs that will last a really long time get these.

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Started new thread 180 Trouble!!!! 8/3/2012 9:15 PM

I can go 100 degrees but I can't seem to get the last 80. Any tips to help me out?

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Added a product review for Mission Converge Stem 8/3/2012 9:05 PM

Not as bad as they say.


The Good: Has only slipped on me once.

The Bad: Hurts if you hit it with your knee.

Overall: Not a bad stem at all

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Added a product review for Mission Transit Cranks 8/3/2012 9:02 PM

Mission transit


The Good: They look nice and feel good when I am pedaling

The Bad: Mine bent and squeak a little bit.

Overall: Pretty good cranks for the price.

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Added a product review for Alienation Black Sheep Rim 8/3/2012 8:56 PM

Pretty good rim.


The Good: It looks good and is a pretty strong rim

The Bad: Nothing really

Overall: Great looking and strong.

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Added a product review for Alienation PBR Rim 8/2/2012 11:42 PM

It's ok.....


The Good: Light and cheap

The Bad: Bent the first week I got it

Overall: Good if you are on a low budget

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Added a product review for ODI Longneck ST Grips 8/1/2012 10:24 AM

Great Grips


The Good: Really soft once you break them in.

The Bad: The bar ends are crappy and they don't last too long

Overall: If you are looking for nice, soft grips, you should get them.

This product has 118 reviews

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