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I have my 2.25 non folding versions for a year and they've barely worn down at all, i think the kevlar version and the 2.1 and 2.3 version don't last as long. I love mine

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i love the look of slammed stems

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The Good: Grippy enough for anyone, Look sick, Smooth, 6mm broach is handy, No problems so far, Cheap compared to premium slims, huge surface area.

The Bad: For me they were too grippy, so i took 2 of the outside pins out on each pedal and they're perfect


I've had the for a few months and so far they have caused me no problems.If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to premium slims or something then definitely get these, you'll love them

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The best!!!


The Good: Last forever Grippy Strong Good sizes

The Bad: I have the steel bead version which i guess is quite heavy And they are pretty expensive


I've had mine for over year and less than half the tread has gone, i ride quite regular too

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Aren't they doing a 20mm rear hub aswell then?

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Not bad....


The Good: Nice geometry, going strong so far

The Bad: The colour The stickers


The frame geo is decent and no problems so far, however i cracked my v1 mothership pretty easily so i hope this lasts longer.

The stickers came straight off they are rubbish

I got the burgandy colour and regret it because it is brown

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What's the worst injury you have had?

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Ok thanks

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Only tree? Why is that?

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Yo guys, i'm thinking of buying a spline drive sprocket, but i was wondering if they would fit properly on cranks with bosses? Probably a stupid question but i want to make sure.

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hey guys i got a question, i know how to true wheels with side to side movement, but i laced my friends wheel and there is quite a bit of up and down movement like the wheel is an oval, how do you fix that?

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They gave me the new frame for free and i swapped my old bars with my friend for these

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Haha mostly park why?

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I got tyres a week ago and swapped the bars yesterday

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BIKE SETUP: FRAME: united k40 20.75 FORK: primo strand BARS: united k40 28"x8" STEM: fly alta top load 50mm reach HEADSET: stolen insider GRIPS: ODI longneck BARENDS: odyssey par ends SEAT: kink belt pivotal seat SEAT POST: stolen thermalite plastic

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Ok thanks i think i'll change the order to both 2.25s.

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Lol really!?

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