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The Good:

The Bad:

Overall: what khe?
u`re wrong boy
i have a khe reverse and after 3 months of rideing the bearings inside of the driver ar fucked up and my axle 2....fuck off khe they suck
i have a feeling that this ody freecoasters are better....

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hey guys i just wonder if u know the song in the GT video presentation before a video??? plese post it if u know.... sorry for my english cheers

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this is insane but anyway mike spinner is much better that scotty, mike spinner pull the first 1080 and 720 tailwhil and 360 triple tailwhips and stuff like that, scotty cranmer has to learn....but is good anyway...i respect him

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hey man wassup?? how`s goin`??? just wanna say that in 27 this month i`ll be in uk...hehe....hope to see ya mate...

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heyy!! sup. nice video. wow.. i havent been on here for a long time

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