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orgasmic bike


The Good: Love it. Don't think buy it. It rolls forever its light its sturdy. And I forgot it looks buetiful in both colors. Its just a great bike

The Bad: Had to get a tune-up first to weeks but that's cuz how they put it together. I did get a lil dent in my frame but that did nothing to affect riding.

Overall: Great bike don't listen to anyone who says its shit. If they say there's is broke its cuz they threw it at a bull

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Wait wat does intergrated mean I'm gona get this bike in 2 weeks or lees

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I'm looking 2 custom my bike red and orange and I saw the profiles looked rily good and by the reviews thy say they r prity good and I think I wana get them but I'm not to smart with parts so no matter wat I tink I'm gettin these

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This is just the frame I'm looking 4 its rily lite its a good color of red and all tht good stuff also I own the stolen wrap so I already hav other stolen parts so I hope 2 get it soon