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The Good: they feel solid after a whole week, they look sick, I really like the stickers

The Bad: the top cap is a bit gay


my mom would usually buy me new forks by now, but the last week with these has been fun, love them

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Best And Only Tyre I Would Buy


The Good: 110 P.S.I, 2.25 tyre comes with dirt tread, solid from the start, very rarely get puncutres, lasts for 3 years, good looking sidewall

The Bad: 2.3 is too thick for an ilegal frame,

Overall: I've had every single popular and trendy tyre under the sun, KHE MAC tyres, Odyssey's various tyres etc. and for the past 3 years I ran the 2.3 faf front and back, last week bought a pair of the 2.25 dirt tyres, had the dirt tyre before and loved it, same feeling again, other tyres take ages to bed in but it feels like after a good session they are riding smooth as f***, wouldn't buy any other tyre after this, especially as at the moment (MARCH 2013) Custom Riders in the UK have 15% off everything (£21 per tyre). The only punctures I've had are from nails and large rocks on the ride home I make most days.
best tyres I've ever bought, refuse to buy anything else

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