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Frame :Bone deth living dead Forks: shadow vultus Bars : shadow vultus Stem : shadow strike tl Headset : kink Grips:anamil edwin Barends : shadow metal Lever : Cranks :kink pillers Pedals: shadow ravenger pc Sprocket :odyssey milion doller sprocket Chain

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worst grips


The Good: they felt good for like one day and thats it.

The Bad: really small in length, they rip in like a couple days worst grips i have ever had didnt even last me one week.

Overall: worst grips dont get them ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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woodward week 6 !!!!!

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should i get them


The Good: i dont know they look good and i like price

The Bad: idk yet thats what im asking

Overall: um not sure really hoping to find out

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good but dont think worth the money


The Good: and the good it is a great chain for like 3 months then it starts fucking up and dials in well.

The Bad: it rattles reall bad even if tight and when one breaks the whole chain goes too shit

Overall: its a ok chain but dont think worth the money.

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amazing bars


The Good: super strong really light good for any rider.

The Bad: nothing at all.

Overall: great bars one of the best there is.

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good sprocket for price


The Good: it holds up well as also being light.

The Bad: but it is really thin.

Overall: ovarall its on good sprocket but i dont hit it much i have only once and its barally bent so it holds up good but i dont really know ovarall strenght

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