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first off it is


The Good: lighter then the shadow chain

The Bad: and there for has thinner plates


and ishigher prices then the shadow but it does have one thing going for it.... dirt clumps dont fall through the plates so it get one star.

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great hub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Good: rides good no wobble and uses the same shell bearings as my front ti axle is strong and light. AMAZING ENGAUGEMENT! YES IVE HAD IT FOR MONTHS NOW!

The Bad: if you use too much lube or too heavy itll skip and, if you dont use any at all it wear the pawls/ hub shell

Overall: nice weight to durability ratio

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Good for a while but, im not using them ever again.


The Good: They are a good crank dont get me wrong but only recommended for race use or light park use. installs in a fast manner.

The Bad: Weak around the welds when you ride hard, mine always developed cracks in and around the spindle boss. Always wore in too fast (profile death wobble)

Overall: Great for the track not under my feet! I found a great deal for some old school tech, a nos black 175 set of cromo primo cranks so far so good... NO WOBBLE!

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sounds like you ride your chain tight from your review, just pointing it out...

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totally what i was thinking bro at least its what i told my friend last year lol, so yeah get like ahhh gsport maroset hub odyssey vanduro2 either use the same brand different version hub guard (knight) and both are reletivly stronger then the fly and ... more »

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the grip!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Good: they grip good once wore in they r easy to install cheap

The Bad: they are "hard" for till broke in they last for short periods of time (hard riding)

Overall: they are a good solution till you get new grips but i recomend the fly fino grip they are ia little thicker then these but they last a little longer and feels better then this grip set

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people these day trying to get the lightest bike discusts me they should just go die or go to the gym any bulk-up

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that hub is a real pain with custom tweeking for a guard so i would say get a diferent hub itll be worth it to, if you want a hubguard

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bomb a** chain


The Good: the chain is thicker, more durrable, can ride a 8t withit with out breaking, it doesn't snap when occasionally hitting it on a surface (accidental) it doesnt stretch any more than any other "half link" chain if you dont like the half link chains after this, move to a kmc 410h it is about as strong and has thicker plates to prove it

The Bad: IF NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED IT WILL SNAP!!! it will snap if you hit surfaces VERY hard but what chain wont. most chain breakers will not work unless modified "like my park ct-5 chain breaker"

Overall: i will say that i highly reccomend thisbecause it is a very durrable chain, its the most durrable chain i have ridden that will still fit 1/8th gearing, it hasn't stretched when i used my 22/8 gearing but it did flex but the design is for that so it doesn't break un like the kmc 710, 710sl and machanics half trac which i regret ever spend little cash or time on those chains, i last will say that the smaller your gearing, the stronger the chain has to be so anyone riding the thin chains that are usally are stock bmx bikes will have trouble down the road.. if you are still complaining then move to a 3/16th chain like the kmc415h i hate kids that use the chain and putting it down because they broke it due to missuse or not maintaining ie,lettling rust gather between plates and wearing it down. so this is my long and boaring review and have a nice day

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lol i didnt know that but i was thecook

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sorry for the new profile but i forgot my password, but do you like when every one thinks they are going to get ripped?? thats when i worry cause personally i could care less but if every one used postal "usps" money orders they can be tracked and cashed ... more »

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