Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Finger Banger Grips Grips 3/30/2012 7:04 PM

Not the best grips


The Good: soft, comfy, grippy

The Bad: wear out really fast, slippery when sweaty

Overall: Legit I bought a bike with these grips on them and i went riding for 7.5 hours at our local skatepark. when i got home they were bare! I didnt wear any gloves but i found that if you wear gloves they dont wear out as fast.

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Added a product review for ODI Longneck ST Grips 2/4/2012 1:28 PM

ODI Longneck Review


The Good: Very long lasting. amazing color choice. good feel. amazing grip.

The Bad: they take a while top break in and get a good feel for them. they make your hands really sweaty. I suggest wearing gloves for the first few days riding these grips.

Overall: Amazing grips. Very long lasting and very good grip and comfort. they are worth the money. very sweaty though.

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Added a product review for Nitrous OG Handlebars 2/4/2012 1:24 PM

Nitrous Bars


The Good: Really Light and Cheap. Sick colors.

The Bad: Really weak. Bend really easy. Slip a lot, need to tighten stem really good. Not god for barspins.

Overall: If you are on a tight budget and arent a very hard rider and is a weight bitch, go for it! Otherwise your better off spending more money on better quality bars.

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Added a product review for 2013 Fit Inman 1 Bike 1/31/2012 2:21 PM

Fit Inman 1 Review


The Good: Full CroMo Frame, Tubular CroMo Cranks, tyres, Comfy Grips, CroMo Bars, Tapered Forks.

The Bad: Semi Sealed Back Hub

Overall: This is a great bike for anyone really. Highly reccomend it to anyone.

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Added a product review for 2010 Diamondback Viper X Bike 1/31/2012 1:53 PM

Viper X review


The Good: Absolutly Nothing

The Bad: Everything

Overall: Never Get This Bike It Is The Worst!! I had it for 3 months and the frame snapped! WTF Diamonback!!?

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