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Not sure .... I really wish it was a Porsche though ! My favourite cars . Maybe this ? If my frame was black

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There's that T1-Skapegoat frame coming out in the near future ..

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I'm in the same boat as this guy , my bike wobbles a TON but having a taller post helped . It's just practise too , they're easy to throw but the bike wants to do it's own thing

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Personally have been on a Demolition and it was good beside a slight issue out of the box , partially my fault partially getting a 1 - off shitty product luck . Have been on many friends bikes , and out of all coasters I find the BSD has been the most ... more »

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The new Kink Hamlin is pretty dope with the camo frame

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I'd love some of their stuff but literally have never seen anything by them here in Canada . Stereo has a sick image

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Baseball bat to his head

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I've been riding a 9.5 and a topload for a over a year and it's probably my favourite current height after multiple stem and bar combos ... try it .

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The new Volume Transit has a 21" toptube and it has a ton of good parts and is pretty in right now . Maybe think of that ? Or any WTP bike is good .

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I mean I talk to him on occasion and ya the dude has a couple kinks but he seems like a pretty decent guy overall . I don't really chat with too many bikers but he's one I enjoy talking with . I don't get what's the deal , he had a positive contribution ... more »

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If it's a shit bike maybe tinker with it so you can improve your skills , but if it's a shit show I wouldn't even bother touching it

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For example bumping a V2 Clutch thread isn't bad as it's relevant still as it's a new and in product . Bumping a thread ( in his case , a freemiz thread ) just to say it's good with no supporting comments or stating why it's good , that's called spam ... more »

Started new thread Why pictures of Topsey 6/15/2017 5:05 PM

I just realized that Colin , Mikel 8116 , and Ohioan all have different pictures of the old user Topsey . Why LOOL

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Demarcus Paul is who I voted for . His part just is BMX for me . His clips are nuts , like that pegs - 90 - backwards pegs 270 and then later he randomly tosses a backflip in too ... I think he definitely has a high chance of winning

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These tires are like 75$ here in Canada . I don't think I could ever justify that much for a tire , puncture proof or not . General wear would still affect it and a thick tire for 50$ would probably be just as efficient

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I'd love me an old Premium Deathtrap frame in that glacier blue colourway . By far my favourite part ever in BMX . Currently I don't have a dream bike but I'd love to be able to afford a new coaster wheel , like a V2 Clutch laced to a Merrit Battle rim ... more »

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Mines bent and has major hop in it lol . Maybe I should shoot them an email and see if I can get one discounted or something . I don't have my receipt ..

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Spotted this lol

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I can bar but I suck because mine are switch. I can throw whenever but it's just landing them that fucks me over , I just need to dial them in and I should be good

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Scooters are sick as fuck , is that a TSI Sledge ?