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Polished hubs look amazing but too much for 1 bike I think . Have to mellow it out . Shit was popular way back but now it's about the touches . Get polished hubs , sprocket , cranks , stem , and make the rest black or something so the chrome will pop ... more »

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Cinema makes good shit . Rim feels amazing

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Yah the easy - maintenance idea really is easy but t works the same as putting it together , ended up falling apart when I was checking it out . And I might pick up a Rig setup , Demolition is sick but theirs probably better coaster out there in my opinion ... more »

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Rotator sucks major chode , yes I owned one , and to add to shitness it has a thread on guard , which is fucking stupid

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I saw it and the specs seem kind of eh to me personally , not bad just I'm picky , but it looks good and I'm sure if I saw it in person I'd buy it . I didn't realize it was a limited , CAD only frame so maybe I should grab one and slap it together . ... more »

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Yah. Today wasn't my day :/ They basically gave me 2 options . Run it LHD or they can try to mod it to RHD . They're good to me so I might blow it off and ride it or even sell it and try to make a profit and then order something myself

I'm ... more »

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Condolences for him and his family. It's always a hard thing to accept a death and easily blame the sport but I'm sure we all know that being on a bike and doing tricks come with a certain amount of risks that are controllable and some are not . Ride ... more »

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There's a local shop I go to for almost anything bike related , and they're really , really good. I like the staff a lot and I get discounts and a bunch of deals or service first , but I'm in a little situation I blew my bearings on my old hub so I got ... more »

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Started new thread GoPro user ? Check this 10/4/2015 5:50 PM Amazing and good to use , finally something like this . Downside : it's 350$ , or about 500$ CAD

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Clutch worn probably but I don't fuck with coasters anymore Maybe even not enough grease so it's not disengaging properly or who knows

Started new thread Why Stevie left Éclat , untold story 10/4/2015 12:48 PM

Guess his headset was loose #lolz

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I've made posts about Adam 22 , but shop wise OSS helps out a bunch of people and the street ride jams are amazing . Plus , I'd like to go check it out one day eventually even if I don't agree with Adam . It'd be cool going in and seeing everyone you ... more »

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Yah it helps , I'm not really a wheel consiuer though so I leave it to the shop , but it did help me when I tried slightly .

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Zap strap ties to your frame and you can use it as a truing ghetto stand .. If it ain't rubbing you can probably ride it still , as long as the spokes are somewhat tight it's fine

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I was talking about just a rim , referring to me . Damaging it by hopping curbs wouldn't be warrantable. Didn't even read about the forks , probably had a beer or 2 or was working late but damn that sucks , they can probably hook you up if you have a ... more »

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I'm thinking about doing my bike . I think I'll go 1x Primer and 3x paint . Anything more seems excessive to me and make it bleed. Also , why sand after the primer ? If the coating is fine sanding it will just make the paint not bond as if you left it ... more »

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When you get a new chain it's good to get a new sprocket so they both wear into eachother evenly. The old sprocket might have been work differently from the old chain then the new chain is shaped so that might be it . Also chains are weird too , a buddy ... more »

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I'd call that a hook up . Say , Premium sends me a frame . That's sick . Am I on the team ? No . Just means they like what I do . A lending hand in a sense . If it's a regular shipment of parts then that can be classified as a basic sponsor but if it's ... more »

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Hit up craigslist . Most locals here don't have spare frames so I doubt any there might but you can ask . New , "budget" frames are pretty pricey too after taxes and shipping . So just look online or worst comes to worst bust a nut working and save up ... more »

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If you're anal buy a Muc Off kit from your local . Mine has some special double kit and it cleans , protects , and lubes or something . It makes gunk stay off as well . It's like 30$