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Probably the splines on the clutch. Coasters will feel like shit until you break them in , keeping riding it

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Axle Nuts and BB tube spacer

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Someone here bought a Verde and the whole rest end of the frame was fucked , like literally sideways . Kink seems k have good completes all around while Verdes higher end ones might get a bit more attention in my opinion , Adam Piatek runs a Kink frame ... more »

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Cranks are ordered , @Transition I dealt with Andrew , he phoned and said my pre paid wasn't verified with my address ( I registered it though ) and he said he'd get back on me , I got an email saying it went through , but I just double checked with ... more »

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Is this even a question ? CK for sure . Ya there's tons of people who rock at them but CK can do them for years and he'll bar out of them too

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Yeaup Riley for sure I heard his name , he had a beard and was a bit shorter I think . Transition Sticker on his headtube . He learned how to air above coping like a day before he told me so he was sending it like 3 feet above coping , guess he was vibing ... more »

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Went on one yesterday for a fair bit and not being biased or anti Odyssey , but truthfully my friends BSD Westcoaster felt a lot more smooth in terms of pedalling and disengaging . Maybe it's because the guy who had the clutch beat his up or didn't grease ... more »

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Pretty much . You pedal down to disengage to the driver , if you don't the hub will still think you want to go forward so it's engaged and it'll make you backpedal . That's why you pedal down or backwards first

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Any coaster , you pedal down and bring your feet back to normal ( parallel with ground / foot forward ) will disengage the hub making you able to fakie without back pedalling. More slack is better as you can pedal down like you'd cruise ( 1/4th a crank ... more »

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Honestly Corey Walsh will probably be the best biker I'll see in my life . Dude is an absolute nutter , he fucking SENDS it . The amount of airtime and style he has is funny . He's like a Tommy Dugan , same height but with the flow of Brian Foster or ... more »

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I was curious about that , thanks . I'm still not sure exactly what size I want but I do know Animal cranks are what I want . I'd prefer 165 because it'll feel more noticeable and less chance of hitting my peg ( if I get 170 and they still hit , I'd ... more »

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Had a good day today , woke up and had the house to myself so I drank some root beer - beer and watches TV then a buddy phoned and we went to a park called Railside , it's pretty sick . Rode there for a bit as just a chill session and went over the bars

... more »

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You want to have a fair bit of grease on the clutch ( splines you mean , I think ) as they make contact with other metal , so yes grease it . Don't cake it , but use a decent amount . Put a fair bit on the ball point fuckers , grease that up good and ... more »

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I'm going to 3ride today I think . As much as I want Animal cranks in 165 , I can NOT justify 300$ on them especially in my situation ( no job atm ) . The 170mm for 230$ is nice but I'm only buying cranks for the shorter size , so 170 isn't exactly my ... more »

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Remove the brakes , remove the purple bar ends , angle your seat up a bit more and maybe all black tires if you have the cash . Also maybe a black stem eventually

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... my SPARE bike . Haha , you wish I was out ! I got some cash now and after bills and helping my mom , I have some leftovers . Help please , I don't make threads to piss people off , I make them for suggestions and help ( regardless if some of you

... more »

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My friend has the SOS and it feels good but he doesn't go big . The Fiend will probably be my go to just because of that sick purple colour . It has. 12.8 CS too ? Little bit smaller . Those tires should be able to fit those forks .

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Haro makes some racing bike that you can check out . Seen some in person and they look good . Don't know about prices but I'm sure there's some for you

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Aluminum can is the equivalent bud

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Hmmhn you're probably right I didn't think of that . I'm not sure if loosening it a tad will help as the crank bolt is already a pain but I can see later