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This a joke? Your teacher says dont go into your house and you'd listen? Dumbfuck tell that bitch to get off YOUR property and take her shithead with her

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If you accept a sponsor , talk good about them. You get FREE shit and get paid for having fun. Good or not , you can't bitch about free stuff. Low on Hoders part.

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Had a Fiend seat/post combo on my stolen bike , probaly my favourite part

The new Fiend Reynolds frame looks sick

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He's salty lately , prepare for butthurt

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Are you a bird cheepcheep

Added reply in a thread Need to replace with Money 9/1/2014 8:54 PM

Might be interested in the bars. Paycheck on thursday.

Added reply in a thread DOES anyone have INTERNALS to fit rear profile elite cassette? 9/1/2014 8:51 PM

I know that cult's freecoaster internals will work fine with an Elite hub , just checked the specs and it will fit....20$ on danscomp so buy it and save money

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Any reviews on jbirkle , new user but if I buy a 400$ complete want some comfort about it , someone bought wheels off him

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They were amazing for me , before some CUNT stole them and took them off. The thief was spotted with my bike but he swapped the tires.

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Added reply in a thread Premium products ck forks flat black new 8/31/2014 10:10 PM

Haha guy above me beat me , I looked at this went "nah" then came back. Might be interested if I dont buy I complete off here

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It's true , learning is ujst a mental game . Just put your earphones in , blast some metal and pedal at that bitch then hop like fuck and see what happens

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Demo is ok but lame on experience , 4/10 for my trouble with it but the KHE internals are a 8/10

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He does. But is that why he can load video in a minute fully buffed and mine takes 5 minutes?

Started new thread Internet Help 8/31/2014 7:24 PM

So with my bikes gone I have a guy in my apartment building fix my computer. Free Windows 7 , free Office 2010 , free GeForce graphics card , and cleaned everything up. It could run 720p on youtube WHILE downloading Office at his house. At mine , a video

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Yah what Steve said. I'd buy it. I'll even pay 400$ if you hold onto it for me. Had both my bikes stolen and currently cant ride anything so any bike helps plus this one seems dope. Text me at 778 245 9128 . I can get it shipped to Blaine , Washington. ... more »

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I might run 9/30 if I get the chance. How does 10/30 compare to 9/28?

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Anal Position

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LOOOOOL You and One Try kid are fucking assholes ! I think the biggest laugh is the sound of your head bouncing off the concrete when your mom dropped you