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It's nice having good paychecks that's for sure , and having a promotion for someone my age is awesome and rare . I helps out and pay bills a lot so I'm not blowing money on new parts all the time , but in the future I can get away with it. Retail can ... more »

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Scooters fold that's how they make room .

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Anyone who works over 40 hours a week , can you give me some insight ? Got a promotion to person in charge and will be working a minimum 40 hours per week , more likely close to 50 a week . That's about 9.5 hours a day give or take . How much time do ... more »

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Eclat Vent Guard is sick as fuck , messed around with sprocket stalls to fakie on at ledges and it's holding up. As for the whole 6061 part , mine has a ton of miles on it and it's not worn down or anything so I wouldn't worry too much of you really ... more »

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If your chain is angled into your BB then add spacers to your driveside and line it up . It's it from your hub remove some hardware or something or get a new cone nut

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I can see I can see you're going blind

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Honestly , it looks like you took a drug dealer and a Frankenstein , they had butt sex and shit that out after the butt got loose

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Bought my mom 500$ in Apple Gift Cards and 100$ hair treatment . There's half my list gone lmao . I'm buying 2 hubguards from my paycheck , that's 100$ and maybe a pair of Rig tires in 2.25 if I can afford it but that's like 100$

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and we know you want to model your bike after your kids scooter shit

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Too bad the V1 was a piece or else I'd be riding it or got a V2

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Deluxe man . Dude kills it . Seen him launch his bike and the frame is fine.

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Rig cranks at my local shop are a fucking huge set of cranks . Massive and seem bombproof. Dennis Probably looked down at his dick and looked down at his bike and an idea formed . He made his cranks after the size of his dick and strength equal to his ... more »

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My friend James rides for Deluxe , he fixes my bike all the time . Cool guy , he shreds like fuck . It's a good frame.

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Delete apps . Excessive notes , texts , any type of file or saved passwords really ads up. I almost bet you have all your pictures still ; they have a backup folder . Go to the camera roll and click "all photos" and you'll have a bunch from before that ... more »

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MacBook Pro . If you can afford one , or find a used one , it's processing is pretty fucked . The new MacBook is a god damn calculator though so don't get that one , shit can barely run any program that isn't Google.

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Didn't click link Probably a 180 tap 90 and called it a 3 . But did he loop out on the 90 ?

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Local has the frame and has done cash rolls and too many flips to count on it , it's strong .

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Also in my newsfeed , snapped Sunday forks loaded with Odyssey forks . Nothing is impossible

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Specific guards are always better because they're designed to fit your hub . I bought a universal hubguard and it fits on any hub but it's too big on the axle for my axle to sit in my dropouts , thus not being able to use it. Specific guards will replace ... more »

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If you land heavy as fuck and the impact makes your back foot move down and it enagages you're on your ass . If you do a long fakie and adjust your legs to balance and the cranks move down and it engages there goes your line. If you go to fullcab and ... more »