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Scotty did a tire ride or wall ride ( I forgot ) to whip , and landed it . As he was riding out he hopped a bush / curb gap and there was a hidden pothole on the other side and he went OTB. The YouTube link above ain't the one that put him out

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I was going to say make sure that the washer between the driver and cone nut is on properly otherwise it's entirely possible to have the washer itself actually fold into the bearing cartridge and fuck it up or on a mild case put a bunch of stress on ... more »

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Grease is probably thick , just ride it and in a couple days it should move around in the hub more making it a bit more smooth . If not that I can only imagine your cone nuts being insanely tight or there's a friction issue with the driver / clutch ? ... more »

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Honestly sometimes it just happens . Sucks but if you're nice and not SUPER naggy they'll sort it out . It once happened to me with a certain shop / distro and I got a free shirt and they were gonna send a new stem from the one I ordered with express ... more »

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If you're not dropping off roofs you should get some life out of it still but I'd start saving for a new one

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Nothing will beat Alex's crash in terms of brutality . Stephens was an accident , a rare event that had a horrible outcome . I saw on Facebook a motorcycle accident that left some dude literally faceless , no helmet and he must have slid on it for a ... more »

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Universal BB's would be smart . And fuck Nigel Sylvester ! In terms of parts maybe tires that use a more durable compound , like something motorcycles use ( not exactly , but along that line ) . Just so they last longer , and I save money ! Same with ... more »

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Can someone pin a 180 how to thread permanently ? Like serious , every other day I see one of these . I'm not butthurt , but honestly let's just sticky it where new members can see and look themselves

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Loving the frame , MacNeil is big here in Vancouver before that helmet distro buying them out , I've met riders who rode for them like Adam Piatek and Jesus Christ he's so fucking good . I really wish I grabbed a MacNeil Kiraly frame when they were out ... more »

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Madera's graffiti colourway is by far my most favourite colourway , I love street art and applying it to BMX makes sense .

As well , Odysseys old pink colourway is amazing !
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Wethepeople , damn Germans are amazing at everything

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Details fam

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Garrett blows my mind still , he's super tech but people yet to realize he does tech stuff while going big , look at his last edit for redbull with the HUGE tailwhip drop or fullcab over the rail - drop . Shit is nuts and most people wouldn't try

Started new thread Vans , you're the best . 4/18/2017 8:30 PM

Vital , I just want to put this out there for anyone who's into BMX and shoes . I needed a new pair of shoes after my previous Sk8 - HI's wore through , so I went to my local Vans store and knew I planned on picking these up ( I've watched the promo

... more »

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I'm retarded for not reading that lol but ya I wouldn't worry about it too much

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God DAMN Dave ! I'm LOVING this frame , the promo I saw awhile back was bananas ! But seeing it actually built and having one on vital is sick ! How do you like it ? Literally everything is spot on , personally the pegs being white aren't my fav but ... more »

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If you trust him , that's an amazing deal . Mind you it isn't cheap , but buying that wheelset "new" would cost WAY more . It's rare to see that ignite colourway or whatever it's called on a hub and a rim for the same wheel , so it's apparent he really ... more »

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@Sunday this dude made 3 threads , want to do something about it ? Not sure he knows the rules . Inform him please

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Wethepeople for sure . I ride a ton of their parts and will back them confidentially . Have yet to ever get a "bad" part made by them . Complete wise , they make amazing bikes . 9" tall bars , 170mm cranks , you get plastic pegs WITH hubguards , and ... more »

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Probably the sprocket bolt being worn from it coming loose over time and constantly tightening it , probably messed with the threads . Aluminum is weird . But ya lock tight should work , or even a new sprocket bolt might be a problem solver too .