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1.dak roche 2.marlon europe 3.sean burns 4.edwin 5.garrett renyolds 6.nathan williams (& tate roskelley)

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if your planning on grinding, id say get the eclat.

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can anyone help me- trying to land triple frontflip, but i cant find a way to get enough there anyone around PA that has a dirtbike/quad to pull me to the double i just made in my back yard(its a 20 foot lip and 50 foot gap)? thanks...

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what happened? you got a scratch on your arm?

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what the fuck are you doing with those pants they are already tight enough but you have to roll them up like some pussy

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holy shit, fuckin trail cutters. what are those 33"?

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isnt having the grips curved like that annoying?

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i can get really close to bunnyhop barspins. the furthest i can spin the bars is 3/4 of the way around. i dont know if i should hop higher or spin faster or something. any ideas????

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The Good:

The Bad:

Overall: shit. came stock on the fit team street and it bends reallll easy

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AAAAAAHAHAHA Im at school doing this

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The Good:

The Bad:

Overall: nassttyy

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yo roy bent back my dropout when i popped my tire today

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Wow the paint job is hot but you might want to get a skinnier street tire in the back for better traction. A fat tire in the front is for better turning and a skinnier one in the back is for better rotation.

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YOOO bitch

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