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use corn starch.... Bond gold works well. Baggie jeans or sweet pants for the next few days..

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Usually when a 11 year old kid says " I don't like something " means "He loves it" Sound like you have a little admirer?? Maximus

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Cult match.. Awsome sound and rides smooth

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Welcome back to bmx.. looks like a good ramp to me nothing radical. Don't worry about your age. I'm 46 and still riding. Just start out slow and work your way up. Do streaches and safety gear is a must. Good luck

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The 3 best things we can promote in BMX is 1. Common sense 2. Morals 3. Self respect if tou have all three? Who gives a fuck about what people think

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Your new bars has a 9.5 rise correct? I would wait on getting fl stem. You can always remove spacers or flip your tl stem.. Telling you what to get is impossible because has different preferences. You definitely will have a higher bar setting with the ... more »

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JR Bicycle.com is one of my best company to order from online. I ordered some parts during the winter and they didn't have them in stock? I did get a phone call the next morning from sell rep. They did apologize for not having parts in stock. I ended ... more »

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Video was a little long... Maybe a different place to video at ? That sign on the door made me hungry and thirsty. .. lol other than that you made the caveman look cool

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Don't be a dick sucker dude!!!!

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Now that's a great deal... Tim is legit seller man

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WashingtonDC is amazing, so many places to ride sreet. Many out door parks in the area.. Google Wake feild skate park in Fairfax Va. You can check my photos most of those parks are a bus ride away... No indoor parks that i know of.. Down side to street ... more »

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this^^^^ It does pedal hard,but it seem you pedal less then 25/9 I have a 28t & 29t for sale.. hit me up

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Bars do look small? Nice looking bike though

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Sounds like a good starter bike.. Just do some research on buying the parts.. Sometimes parts are hard to find or cost more then the bike ? What size of motorcycle.. Honda made reliable bikes back then? Try looking for a Honda 185-s endero.. Half street ... more »

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Try a local junk yard for a senor.. look for a truck that has been wrecked. . Most auto part stores bust your wallet open for sensors and don't return money on electric parts?? This way if the part doesn't fix your problem you're only out a couple of ... more »

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Is that a 16t free wheel? Do you know what the retail price on bike in 1999?

Started new thread S&M, Animal Sprocket FS 3/28/2015 3:20 PM

S&M Tuff Man 28t polished $25 shipped Animal Sprocky Balboa 29t gold $25 shipped Both sprockets are in excellent shape no bends,cracks..

Pay Pal only.. Pay as gift or pay fee My references aren't listed.. Deal ... more »

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Fit Benny L .. one of the lightest I've seen

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Amimal GLH in front.... Rear Animal TWW.. Depends on the dirt you're riding on. Great for really hard packed dirt. Shadow undertaker are awsome... Just hard to find