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You try contacting them today or yesterday?

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This does nothing but make me want a barcode even more then ever.

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Looks great!

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Main Parts Frame: Fit Mac 20.875"TT Forks: S&M Widemouth Pitchforks 26 Offset Bars: Animal Foursomes Drive Train Pedals: Eclat Contra Cranks: Fit Indent 24mm Sprocket: Fit Key Guard 24mm Spline Drive Chain: Shadow interlock Supreme Front Wheel Tyre:

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WTP over the premium, i've seen way to many of premium cranks blow up.

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Shes rusty, black and whatever was free haha. @420bongblazer- It's just one merritt tall cap, haha

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I've had a segment since it came out. great helmet, but i dislike how heavy it is compared to the bucky.

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i've been riding 170's for a few years now. im planning on going to 165's when i replace my current cranks. I don't see where getting 160's would be that terrible.

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Looks good young one.

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Brayden stop being a whiny internet bitch and handle the kid. Weather you talk it out or shank him thats your call. FU Bars. obtain FU Bars

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This image is so old, but its cool. The design has so many flaws ill start with the fork and prompt you to look up a cannondale lefty.

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No Grant park clips but thanks!

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Mac's are the only thing i fuck with haha. Yoshi- Thanks dude! Brayden- When this one dies, i don't like the changes to the v2

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S&M Cymbal or Daily grind makes the best Drive side guards from my personal experience. the Kink one looks solid too.

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I did it to an old set of Stock fit 48 spline cranks a few years back and it held up. make sure you get enough spindle in there and only use them till you can afford new cranks.

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You got had, some type of Walmert bike im pretty sure. whatd you pay?

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I find the leather seat tear up the back of my knees more when i pinch. i actually plan on retiring my 2 year old merritt due to this issue.

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You pass middle school?

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Dislike the paint on the subrosa but that headtube badge on the cult would be tight.

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Saw this happen to a pair of Kink Foundations when the first came out, the blew off on a tooth hanger and the kid ate major shit.