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This edit was so amazing, so sick not even considering the fact that he's coming off of an injury.

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This is the poorest design I have ever seen, this takes way too much time just to adjust the slack. My opinion.

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buy these pegs


The Good: they slide forever, they last forever, anti-rotation pin,you can get plastic sleevs for them, they are very light, many different colors, pretty cheap

The Bad: not a single thing

Overall: there is no reasion to not buy these pegs. if you dont grind, buy them and start grinding, if you do grind, buy them and you will see the difference. they also slide really well on concreate and rails and just about anything

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shadow sprocket


The Good: its a good sprocket for the money, i had it for 5 months. i bought it as a quick replacement for my old sprocket. it lasted longer then i thought it would.

The Bad: you get what you pay for, i cracked three teeth and broke one off.

Overall: if you need a sprocket quick or dont have a lot of money, i say get it.

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awesome hub


The Good: the way i see it, its a profile hub with a less expensive hub shell so its great! lots of upgrades and replacement pats are available. spins forever, pretty loud

The Bad: i havent had one bad thing about this hub so far.

Overall: its a great hub for the price. i have been riding it for a month and a half and nothing wrong with it at all.

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