Added a product review for Odyssey M2 Lever Small Brake Lever 1/31/2011 7:08 PM

Smooth and reliable.


The Good: I've had this lever a year and it has never failed me. Cable is strong, lever hasn't bent, bushing are still great, hardly any lever flop. AND this lever comes with two differnt cable lengths, and extra bushings. If you ride a gyro, buy this lever. Unless your hella rich and can afford a nice machined one like a fly or Colony.

The Bad: I have really long fingers and I'd like a little more bend. I'd bend it myself but I'm afraid of breaking it. The clamp slips pretty easy. I take my shoe off and bang it back into place sometimes.

Overall: I've usually used a Dirty harry lever with a Snafu cable, but this cable is stronger and looks cleaner. And I don't cut my finger on the extra knob sticking out the bottom. Or be trendy and take your brakes off and ride girl pants.

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Added a product review for Odyssey Beringer Grips Grips 1/31/2011 6:55 PM

These grips stink.


The Good: They have matt Beringers name on them. They come in black.

The Bad: I put them on. Rode for an hour. Took them back off. They get real slick when your hands sweat, they're uncomfortable,

Overall: To each their own on grips, but man these grips were horrible. I'd ride with NO grips if these were all I had to choose from.

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Added a product review for Odyssey Civilian Hi/Low Bars Handlebars 1/31/2011 6:49 PM

sweet bars man


The Good: they don't bend. I bought these bars from my college roommate, rode them for 4 years. Took a lot of abuse and lived.

The Bad: Kinda small for today big bar craze.

Overall: Great pair of bars. Worth their weight in gold.

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Added a product review for Verde Cartel Fork 7/29/2010 8:09 PM



The Good: Dave thompson rules.

The Bad: The only non-broken Verde parts I've seen, and the ones in the pictures...

Overall: For $115 you can get something stronger and lighter. Keep looking.

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Added a product review for Profile SS Blackjack Sprocket Sprocket 7/29/2010 7:59 PM

Hell Yeah!


The Good: This sprocket will never fail you. If you still ride this sprocket with a 3/16th chain and do sprocket bashes: you are all that is man.

The Bad: Lets take a lead dinner plate, file some teeth on it. It will weigh 6 pounds, but whatev.

Overall: From the days where as long as you rolled away from that 4 story drop to flat, it was sick. I wish they made sprockets this cool these days.

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Added a product review for Odyssey Monolever Medium Brake Lever 7/9/2010 9:54 PM

Badass lever


The Good: Its not bulky, hinged clamp for easy installation, and it comes with extra bushings so when it starts getting floppy you can have replacements right away.

The Bad: I haven't had any problems after 8 months.

Overall: Its small, its light, and it comes in black. What more could you ask for?

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Added a product review for Fit Team Grips 7/7/2010 1:55 PM

They're grips.


The Good: When they're new they feel hella good, take a lot of shock off those flat landings. They don't get slippery when your hands sweat.

The Bad: They wear out real fast.

Overall: Grips are inexpensive and I replace mine about every 6 months, but I think you can get better ones for the same price. I would recommend Animals. They feel good and last longer.

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Added a product review for Odyssey Monolever Trigger Brake Lever 7/6/2010 7:32 PM

This lever sucks.


The Good: Ummmmm....Its easy to put on. And fortunately, easy to take back off.

The Bad: Friggin uncomfortable. After you bend the tigger out of it and wrap in in two rolls of electrical tape it might not peel the skin off your nose pickin finger. Barrel adjuster breaks immediately. It smelled bad when I took it out of the packaging.

Overall: Blows like a humpback whale. Odyssey didn't have stopping in mind when they designed this thing. Their other levers are decent though.

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Added a product review for Fit Dak Frame 7/6/2010 7:22 PM

21" Dak Review


The Good: Its strong, Its light. Steep 75 steerer tube was a little odd to me, but I love it now. Tight back end for lots of manuals.

The Bad: Are you kidding? No way. But I run a 28/9 gearing so I wish the dropouts gave a little more play room if I had to put my finger on one thing. Trying to get one with Gyro tabs didn't happen. Had to drill my own.

Overall: If you can find one now, get one.

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Added a product review for Premium Products Lite Front Wheel Wheels 7/6/2010 7:03 PM

Best buy for 100 bucks.


The Good: Its cheap, Its light. Colors look good. The rim flows well into the tire, it almost looks seamless.

The Bad: Once you snap that axle its IMPOSSIBLE to get a new one from Premium. The company seems like a ghost once you need replacement parts. Ghetto rigged it with several other axles until the seam on the rim broke. Lasted about 2 years.

Overall: Its OK. If your going to get a complete wheel don't be a cheap ass. Get the proper for 30 bucks more.

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Added a product review for Fit Shiv Fork 7/6/2010 6:52 PM

Lasted a good year.


The Good: yep, they're light. And my Animal pegs fit just right. I've had mine 7 months so far.

The Bad: The steerer tube is hella short, so unless you ride no spacers, this fork is probably not for you. I ride a gyro and my stem is holding on by maybe 3/8 of an inch. That cap is pretty wimpy too.

Overall: I've bent or broken every fork I've ever owned. FBM's, Primium, WTP. I'm not smooth. They've held up. As long as your frame has the new school small diameter tubes they look fine. If you put them on anything old they look goofy. As of today I broke off the fork blade. I am the last person who shold be riding this fork, I'm sketchy, ride a ton of street and do lots of smith grinds. If they lasted a year under me, then I think they are pretty good. I'm getting a second pair.

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Added a product review for S&M Beringer Bar Tabs Bar Ends 7/6/2010 6:41 PM

Freakin sweet


The Good: S and M didn't pussyfoot with a plastic plug that will break in two slams. Keeps you from getting skewered by your bars.

The Bad: Pretty expensive and I'm pretty sure they're made offshore. Where is the American pride?

Overall: I got the ones with the large diameter and really glad I did. I actually with they were a little bigger diameter so I didn't pull my grip off when I crash with one hand on the bar. They come in a bunch of colors so you can color coordinate your whip! Or not...whatever.

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