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I hate to be this guy, but at that price it sure seems to me like it was stolen. I could be wrong. Ask the guy why he's selling it, and if it seems, suspicious, i wouldn't buy it. But if everything checks out, go for it.

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I have my dream geo already (link in the signature if you're interested) It's better than anything I've ever ridden because it's long and fast.

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100 shipped for both wheels.

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FBM's team is sick. So is the Credence team. But the best BMX team is the Burrito Banditos

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It's tight af. I think it was definitely better than Squash It. Over all I was stoked.

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Muthaphuckin Albuquerque represent!

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Neck tat that say "XXX Stay True XXX" or gtfo As to the original topic, I work at the terrain park at my local ski area, and can't leave the park because some one needs to be in there at all times for insurance reasons (I do get a 30 minute break for ... more »

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This looks like a damn fine bike. I personally would add in brakes, and get a 7075. i'd also probably get Machete tires, since they're more dirt friendly.

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This fucking train wreck again...

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This. If it can pivot too much it'll just be flopping around in the air. Also, don't forget the skis have some built in flex that you can pop off of.

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I rode brakeless for a while, ended up going back to brakes after I watched Anthem 2 lol. I fucked up some brake shit and went brakeless for like a week while waiting for the parts to come in, and I hated it. I've recently kinda wanted to go fuck around ... more »

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I may check out the metal ones if my Hamiltons ever wear out. Micro knurling is useless, ask it does is get mud stuck to your pedals.

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Fuck yeah. Doom and stoner metal are the shit.

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One of my biggest regrets in life is not getting to know my grandpa better and spend more time with him before he died of prostate cancer. I was pretty young at the time and didn't really understand what cancer was. All I knew is he was very sick and ... more »

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Ski, skate, watch videos, play bass/guitar, drink, play the piano hyuck, race cars, work on cars.

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Nothing wrong with a crappy autocross car. Doesn't matter how nice/fast it is, because autocross is the most fun thing on earth

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That's too tall. My skis are taller than you, and I only ride 9s