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Don't even ask just do it

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The bike shop is waxhaw is shit. The owner there ripped me off and then called me a f*cking c*nt because I didnt want to pay him $30 for failing to get a stripped crank bolt off. Definitely do not recommend them. I moved out of Weddington 3 years ago ... more »

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Yeah I'm a little leery about buying them though. Back home I only ride concrete bowls and trails. Right now for the next year it's metal parks, street, and maybe trails once every other month at the moment. Not sure how these would stick on metal ramps. ... more »

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Im reviving this old thread because im curious if anyone rides these. I've never ran slicks before but everytime I see these it makes me want to convert. Now a days i mostly ride street/park since theres not many trails around so I think these would ... more »

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Similar to my old colony, nice

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Ha I ride mine to work everyday and everyone always makes jokes like "let me see a backflip" or "let me see that thing where you spin the back of the bike around". Its whatever. I like being with my bike as much as I can and just laugh off the jokes. ... more »

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I'm 30:9 and i want to go bigger in the front whenever its time for a new sprocket

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Good choice man.

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oh god, i want that bad

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it wont snap. my premise cracked after a year of hard abuse

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What about everything except the frame?

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Have pic of SN on bottom of bb?

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Almost everyone I know has it. They all love it and its definitely comfy. It'll be my next helmet for sure. I have a protec full cut as well and I cant wait to get rid of it.

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I want those pedals but youre asking almost retail for used pedals

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Happened the other night on here, that's why I bring it up haha