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1. grease the hub through the slack adjustment hole 2. yes. sean has the gsport uniguard in the video which has a 3/8s hole. If you dont want to spend money on a new guard you can find an axle adaptor so your hub fits your guard

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is the first clip you? that bike looks like yours

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The whammo frame is basically the same as those also. Get the color that you like the most lol they're basically almost identical

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Fits cranks aren't american made

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He rode them because they were one of his sponsors. He started to ride the fly tires because he wasn't on the maxxis team anymore DK :Don't get them. you're better off with grifters since you like trails and the local track. The rizer is more of a street ... more »

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email kink. They will tell you

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sweet, your edit was dope

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Broc Raiford runs a 2.3 dugan (which is more like a 2.20 tire) in the rear because it doesn't get caught on crook grinds as much as the 2.4 "Describe this bike for us… What are some preferences for your bike setup—tires (width/pressure), bars (width, ... more »

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The soundwave will be better than any stock Fit frame. Get the soundwave

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the name of the frame is from the last name of the rider Danny Soulja. He said it was going to be similar to the WZA v3 frame

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Looks super dope!

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looks good

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pretty enetertaining!

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If it looks good then its good to me. I like the solid sprockets out there but if they had more sprocket bolts then I'd grab one. I wouldn't get a profile sprocket though 6061 with sprockets is bad imo. Don't like shark tooth sprockets.

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Looks like the bearings are 6802-14s

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1. Practice making your technique better 2. Bunny hop over stuff like planks of wood so they fall down if you mess up so you wont get hurt caution tape works well too if you want to adjust hight. You'll be clearing pretty high stuff if you keep with ... more »

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if you know anyone with the frame ask to try it out. Otherwise I'd say youre good. Unless youre blasting a quarter 20 ft in the air it might feel a little twitchy but since it's an occasional thing I think youre fine

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Haha I don't know lol

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New stuff. dehart tires are done so I decided to experiment with gray tires and I'm really into the look. Also got some éclat filter grips cuz dans didn't have the fuego grips

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