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Looks dope dude

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Odyssey Clutch is the best imo. Feels better than my cult and eclat blind coaster hubs did, not to mention stronger. So if you want a female coaster get a Clutch. Te only bad thing I have to say about it is that it doesnt come in polished so I had to

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hit up odyssey 5 years is a long time for cranks. Ask them and see what they can do for you. If your are the original owner im sure they'd help you out

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My S&M Cymbal fits like a glove so i recommend that. But the daily grind guard and gsport unigaurd will work

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i think those cranks were recalled. It probably has something to do with the expanding spindle system. Contact eclat to get some new cranks

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If you have the ODSY MPegs the fit OG Wizard sleeves will fit them since the MPeg and OG peg have the same 34m O.D.

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Daily Grind or S&M Cymbals

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Fit OG pegs are the answer to your solution. If you wanna try the plastic they have a sleeve. But if plastic isn't your forte, you could easily take the sleeve off and BAM, you have a perfectly good metal peg to grind on for years

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I felt a diffeence from going to a 4' peg to a 4.5' peg. They're easier to hold onto grinds imo. Spins out of grinds feel better too

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Do the indoor bike trick and learn how to throw your bars like that. After you get confident doing that try throwing on grass because when you fall you fall into grass. Pick up bars are what really helped me get passed the hopping and throwing so try ... more »

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27.5 is where I am. Anything wider than about 28 feels awko taco for my shoulders and arms. Plus smaller bars are better for when I screw up my barspins my bars dont destroy my knees anymore haha

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5'11 Fit Benny L v1 XL. 21' TT with a 69 seat tube angle (slightly larger than a 21'), 75.5 headtube, 25mm forks, 13' rear end, 11.7 BB height, 8.25 Standover Height, 8.85 high bars cut to 27.5' with a 36mm topload stem

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any bolt with the M24 thread will fit your fork. Get a good one like the tree fork bolt. If not there are tons of other options out there just make sure its made out of 7075 aluminum. Not sure if the macneil fork bolt will fit but you can try. I hope ... more »

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Wide tires at lower pressures give you more traction and cushion

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Matt Ray got an invite too

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looks good dude

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I've met Justin Spriet before. He was super dope and helped me choose my current frame.

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make sure the washers that came with your hub are in between the bolt and frame when tightened

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Flybikes Fuego grips are my favorite super soft and lasted a good long while, but rn im riding eclat filter grips and they've been really good so far. I've had them since september and they're now starting to show small signs of wear, really hard at ... more »

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They're rude