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I'm not so sure the rim might be too small to accommodate a 1.95 tire. It might but I'd suck with a better set of 20x 1 3/8' tires

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I had an old diamondback that was powder coated army camo when I was 7 and lived that thing. To bad it got stolen. Then about when I turned 14 I got a 2012 Eastern trail digger and just cruised on that for a year before my quest to learn tricks. Now

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I got birdcages front and rear. They're nice and light you should get those.

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Loved mine when it worked but it never worked which stinks. I wonder if Shane Weston still rides his

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I work in a shop and it amazes me how much a flat tire can confuse someone. "You know my tire is flat but I'm not sure if my tire is flat because my tire has some air but the tire itself is totally flat so I'm not sure if I have a flat tire or not not ... more »

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I've have two Odyssey key chains and I really like them. My sprocket and chain have hit multiple ledges and they all are going great

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Stranger iron mane cuz Dylan stark is a local Bmx and mtb shredder(its 349.99 but 99% sure there's a coupon code lying around somewhere to make it cheaper)

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All good happened with my fit Benny l frame so all good

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Do it off curbs until you can do that clean then huck a 3 off that drop you want to do

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Get th e r32s because they're closer to what you normally ride

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I cut mine to about 27.5 and I don't have any problems with bars hitting my knees

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I have cult ak 2.5s ave they fit well in my Reynolds v1 frame. They also fit nicely in my r25s. Good tires I recommend

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I did pick up bars first then did them into grass then went to the concrete. I can now do hop bars flat and out if a flyout

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Garrett Reynolds Deadline and props bio Nike BMX in Argentina: Matt Nordstrom for Odyssey ... more »

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!. measure chain 2. Use chain breaker to cut chain to desired length (don't push the pin all the way out leave it in there just enough so you can take out the extra links) 3. put the two ends of your desired chain length together 4. push pin back in. ... more »

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Good for him stoked he made it. Side note: Bmx YouTube titles are stupid. Views are nice but it gets to the point to where it's just stupid for example: Good rider but these extreme ... more »

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Get a bigger bike

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I've got cult ak 2.5 tires and they're huge. I like them but only get them if you have the tire clearance other wise they'll rub

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I see Preston okert and Andy Garcia at the local vans skate park all the time. Although I do not know Preston or Andy much or at all they're so good. Cult has a good presence and does a lot to hook everyone up who buys their parts who rides them here. ... more »