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Do we need to hold your hand with everything you do

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Sunday makes the best complete bike out there but its a whooping $1000 compared to what you could get. Geometry wise its a good all around frame not too short and not too long. Compared to mtb a $1000 bmx bike is bombproof compared to a $1000 mtb.

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All the spokes every company uses are from the same company, they're just rebranded. If you want good spokes get DT swiss champion spokes with the prolock nipples. Expensive yes but theyre the strongest you can get out of a spoke. Any chromoly rear hub ... more »

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birdcages are solid and lighter than 99% of whats out there

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Giant (mtb brand) heavy duty tubes and danscomp tire liners are bomb proof it would cost about $25 but you won't need to spend money on tubes for a long time. Think of the money saved over time because you spent 25 on a good tube set up once

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I ride a heavy duty tube with a tire liner in both wheels. Haven't had a flat in two years

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If you want the g sport hub you can get an odyssey antigram hub which is basically a ratchet hub but lighter

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You can run thunderbolts with a tree 15/16s sprocket they're available in the tree website

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A FRIEnd of mine has been running the aerospace I'm the rear for a good two years now and it's been doing good so I'm sure it's fine. Rode a hazard lite I'm the rear for a year and it was great. now I'm on birdcages now and they're good. Odyssey/gsport ... more »

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Supporting your local companies is sweet. I ride an a Fit Bike Co frame and parts and it makes me feel sweet because they're local. I'd get the verde because both the bikes are comparable quality/spec wise. It also sounds like you want the verde more ... more »

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Sunday makes great parts. They make the strongest frame in BMX. The complete bike you have isn't one of their top of the line completes so its expected that parts break as you get better (talking about the front hub those are usually one of the first ... more »

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I've heard that since adidas bought them out their quality went down drastically. I have no experience with them though so who knows. I also run nike janoskis. I've had 4 pairs and my last two have felt really tight compared to the first two so they ... more »

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Another good article explaining what you just asked

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Big tires with low pressures will give you more traction with the ground. Also more cushion on those drops Edit: here are some great articles explaining wider tires ... more »

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I think if you want to see more results try and tighten up your diet since you're already getting a good amount of exercising from your riding.

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the BSDs should be solid, BUTTTTT Odyssey thunderbolts are the one stop shop for cranks. Got mine 2 years ago used (the person who owned them was a fairly hard rider) and they're still going strong for me to this day.

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their frames are basically from the same tube set just different geometry

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Sucks drew bezanzon couldn't do swatch rocket air, I hope he can recover and compete in whistler it would be dope to see him go against the trek superboys (rheeder and semenuk) and rogaktin

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