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Added a product review for 2011 WeThePeople Avenger 24" Bike 1/3/2013 10:05 PM

Better than most 24" BMX bikes


The Good: Full Chromoly Frame/Fork/Bar, Double Wall Rims, Odyssey Aitken & Path Tires, Éclat Gonzo Seat, Salt Plus CNC'd Top Load Stem

The Bad: Loose Ball Hubs, 7" Bars, Wethepeople discontinued it


I traded my KHS SJ200 for this bike because I didn't like the components and couldn't do much with it at the skatepark. There weren't any good dirt jumps where I lived, so it was either street or park. This bike is a great 24" bike. I can ride over a 3' spine without jumping and ride straight down a 7' quarter pipe without the sprocket hitting. This is better than the Sunday Model C because it has a full chromoly frame. I feel huge when I ride this bike because of the big wheels and a 13.75" bottom bracket. I haven't had to many problems on this bike except a few loose spokes and a weak fork. I bent the steerer tube doing disasters, but I got a new one from the warranty. The new one is doing pretty well. I don't like the loose ball hubs, but haven't had any problems with them. The brake lever gave me a blister one time, so I put an Éclat Sniper lever on it. I like to have this bike for riding on big things. I can clear my 18' driveway on this bike. If you want a good 24" freestyle bike and can find one of these for sale, I say go for it. It's one of the best 24" freestyle bikes on the market. It's too bad Wethepeople stopped making these and I'm glad I found mine at my local bike shop, since only 30 of them were sent to the United States. It's a great bike. I love it!

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Added a product review for 2011 GT Mach One Pro Bike 7/2/2012 4:38 PM

2009 GT Mach One Pro


The Good: Nice grips, good rims for single wall, pretty light, works for freestyle, good deal for $225

The Bad: 42/16 gearing was kind of slow, steel chainwheel bent easily, hi-ten steel frame, short top tube, crappy tires worn down to the threads, stem slipped a lot when it was new

Overall: I had this bike for a year and rode it a lot. It helped me learn some tricks that I couldn't have done on my Trek 4300. It was kind of slow compared to other 20" bmx bikes, but it worked.

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Added a product review for 2012 Redline Covet Bike 8/21/2011 4:45 PM

Good freestyle bike


The Good: Lightweight, strong, good components, clear Odyssey Twisted PCs

The Bad: The pedals go forward when I walk the bike, both pegs are 14mm and heavy

Overall: Good bike. Holds up to abuse.

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