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I am in dier needs here! I just got the ezra freecoaster tiday but not sure on what spoke length to use! Someone tell me what length they used to build there wheel please!

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Alright hub


The Good: rolled good, lasted me alongtime & now friends running it, over 2 years old!

The Bad: when landed on sideways it made a terible sound that irritated me alot

Overall: It hasgod & bad but if you want it, get it

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Beasty Bars!


The Good: I rep 9.5 high & there amazing. solid, have had no problems wih them at all! & very light for the size of them!

The Bad: Nothing at all!

Overall: Sick bar, get them! I recommend these 100%

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first comment nice bike

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no.1) The trick at 2:41 is a Can Can to Can Jam.

no.2) Ryan Guettler filmed and edited the web edit.

no.3) The two new completes are the Endeavour and the Descendent.

Extra) Liam Fahy-Hampton's grips are 150mm long and 30mm in diameter.

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