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Looking for a Race xlt 49mm or a Lil Redneck 49mm. Preferably polished. Hit me up here. Also looking for Subrosa Party bars in 8.5" chrome! Thanks, Andrew

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Man that's tight. Ive seen plenty of pros film in the surrounding areas. Right under sossaman theres a normal sized bank to ledge-wall nobody hits. Managed to squeeze off a few stalls. Looking for a similar setup to quick-crete into something nice. Thinking ... more »

Updated bike check DrewH85's Stolen Sinner 12/1/2016 8:56 PM
Updated bike check DrewH85's Stolen Sinner 12/1/2016 8:56 PM
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Early 30s, been riding off and on since the mid 90s. I remember trashing the bars on my Huffy and begging my dad for some sweet bmx bars, but he came home with some freakin ape hangers he found. I was mad until my birthday came and there was a shiny ... more »

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Ive had scooter kids yell in rage when I crowded their Human Centipede train. But skaters never have a problem. Self entitled scooter kids that learn flips in the foam pit then come to the park to do flyouts everywhere while their fat sidekicks film. ... more »

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I ran single wall on my trail bike front wheel. It may need trued more often but would probably never bend too bad to ride. Unless you bail lots of 720s over spine, should be fine.

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Probably 26 or so, half pegs n brakes. Thats light Imo. Coming from midschool and dirtbikes, I like the 'skateboard' feel of a lighter bike since Im not in the best shape and dont thrash like I used to. Titanium hardware, race tubes, thats me. Why? Because ... more »

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I ride through those ditches pretty often, since its close to my house. Those banks are too big for me tho! Im looking for some kiddy street spots i can actually hit up lol. Pisses me off, that AJ park is no-bikes. Reeves is pretty wanky. Especially ... more »

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Longer stems arent noticeably slower, it just changes the balance a bit. Basically moving your bars forward without having to rotate the sweep. Been running a 57 w/ 35mm forks. Works for me. Barspins would look old school wobbling around in slow motion,.if ... more »

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Sweet, i just got some Edwins to replace my V grips (last pair rip), bet Ill like them. Somone should make "grip koozies". T shirt material works good, i just cant sew! Tan lines, smelly hands, plus youve always gotta scratch your eye or pick your nose ... more »

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I ran tiny Castillo bars back in the day, i wanna say 24". Like 6.5" rise. When i got back into riding, all the bars were too wide for brake levers. Eventually got my 4piece Federals down to 28" even, its almost a perfect sweet spot between the the 2 ... more »

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young thug

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bmx the game is never coming out youve all been duped

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The best way to get it off without changing the finish of the bare metal is to use Naval Jelly or any phosphoric acid product. It'll eat your fingernails off so just dont make a mess and make sure clean it all up. A little goes a long way. U might ask ... more »

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Lower your back foot a bit, as in rotate your crank position backwards a litte. Getting that rear foot closer to the ground.

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Id try DCs if I could find some without thick tongues. that ruins it for me. I was looking at those NYC 83s but do they make them in a real mens low? Im thinking about trying some Emerica LEO 2's . Or if I can find place that sells vans maybe i can settle ... more »

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I've been wearing 'skate' shoes for over 2 decades now.Always found nice fluffy interior which molds to your foot and lacing over a couple weeks time. In any color I wanted. any brand too. All of the sudden, I cant find shoes that fit. I bought some ... more »

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I have similar problems. I always grouped it as a mix of other things. Cant ride most street because a bump here, or a slope there. crooked edges,etc. Its easier to do a 180 over a line on the ground that over nothing.. The environment affects the riding ... more »