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His riding level is just out of this world at his age.

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xgames has been lame since back in the day. They change the sports Every year, bmx has survived, but barely. When it first started, you got to see the qualifying runs, and even the top 20 guys in the finals. I remember one year it.only showed Jamie bestwicks and Mirras runs on vert. The coverage...more

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Bring back the Gravity Games!

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Mike "Hucker" Clark deserves to be on an amazing brand like Vans.

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Why did he leave Total?

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Love these!!!!


The Good: Strong, Light, Affordable, and they feel super comfortable.

The Bad: Paint kinda comes off easily, but nothing like a spray can won't fix. and the stickers are a lil much. But you can take them off tho.


I love these bars!!! The teardrop design is cool and different! I've ridden other bars but these are my favorite! I don't think i will ever ride any other bars. I've had mine for about 2 years now and they are holding up good! i got them in 9x30 and cut them down to a size 28.5. I love these bars!!!!

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The Best Brake Lever Ever!!!!!


The Good: I love this brake lever! When odyssey came out with this, they knew what they were doing with it! It coming in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Trigger) and its simple design and easy to take-off clamp is my favorite part. I've ran the same lever for as long as it has been out for. It will last a long long time!

The Bad: Doesn't fit the snafu gyro cables, so i had to make my own little thing to make it work! The lever itself gets worn out and jimmies all over the place, which gets annoying after awhile, but you soon get use to it.


This lever will last you a long long time! Odyssey knew what they were doing when they made this. If your lever is broken or worn down. but everything else still works, you can easily change the lever with what ever other lever that odyssey makes. It's cheap, affordable, and can be easily be taken off your handle bars.

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The Boss i love. its the Team level frame. and it has lasted me 2 years no problem. I recommend it to those who loves eastern.

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What is the best type of brake pads would any of you recommend for chrome rims? and same for painted rims as well?

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hahaha wtf!? at the end of the video.

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Wat!?!?! Morgan Wade, Josh Striker, Taj, Danny, and now Jamie Bestwick?!?! Why r they leaving such a good company behind them? Well offered to ride for Vans or Nike 6.0, I'll b happy.

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