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Can i just say this idea SUCKS. Ive been buying a shit ton for my bike recently (new frane, tyres, stem, chain, bearings, rims, freecoaster, tools etc) and now i have no money and it suuuuuucks. Fuck noodles, save some moneys for proper food because ... more »

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Im like 99% sure beiber likes the bum fun. So youd have to go bigger than a fist to make that kid scream

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Yeah ive been on the same set of sleeves since summer 14, so durable for sure hahha. And not really, driver was just stiffer than i was expecting. I know shit takes time to wear in etc, but i didnt remember my cult being that tight. Either way, i was ... more »

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I forgot about that guy! ahhh, I miss when I had time to vital all the time

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Cortex laced to a straight wall Polar rim. Now finally my eclat wheelset is complete! Polished Eclat Polar rims (Aero front, straight wall back for my future brake) Eclat Teck v1 with v2 axle and custom hub guard Eclat Cortex 9t LHD Eclat Vemon ... more »

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Very true. Its incredibly important to consider these things.

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This. The fuck is he chatting on about hahaahha. I cant imagine Tree just doing a bog standard coaster internals wise, but it does look like itll be khe styled atleast

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I thought markit zero was more pleasing to watch but the level of riding in deadline was insane. as it was in zero, but yknow what i mean aha. Eclat have an insane team right now, so does odyssey, dub, bsd... fuck theres just too much talent in bmx today ... more »

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Jason phelan, if youve seen his part in nearly 4k then youll know what I mean. Ledge rides with dead drops the other side. @JonnyGanja true that gerber is fucking nuts

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I was finished with mine, but then I bought a new frame.... and then I decided I needed to change up my bike. Going Federal x Animal x Eclat. Just bought the Cortex (being delivered friday!!) which I will lace up to this new shiny straight wall eclat ... more »

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This. I dont know about you guys, but the that hang 5 down that hill was one of the ballsiest things I've ever seen.

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Your parts list is always random af and got me thinking this gunna be a scrapper, then I scroll down an its always a super clean well built machine!

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So ALOT has been changing on my bike in the last few months, and many more changes to come. Working towards a Federal x Animal x Eclat build. Full bike check as soon as I get my new rim in the mail. For now a not quite up to date picture...

... more »

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Fucking love it. Slowely gunna be getting more animal myself.... and im so jealous of anyone who has that seat!

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I love white tyres. Hows the frame? Was gunna get one but ended up going with the Federal DLX

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Check out January sales, you should be able to get a pretty high end complete at mid level price if its last years model.

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This is my guess to why steel sprockets are a rarity atm. The more time it takes to machine, the longer machine time needs to be paid for and the more expensive the final product is. Aluminium is obviously super easy to work with and you can cut through ... more »

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I've been riding Merritt option tyres for a lil while, seem to be holding up nice, never slipped out, but i dont ride a whole lot of park tbh

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I think there may be something wrong with your hub dude. But yeah, I've been riding an eclat tech front hub for ages now and apart from replacing the axle (I got sent 2 v2 axles in like 2 days) its all good.

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I've been riding them for a year now and mine are still going strong. nice comfy shape, no compaints