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Both wont let you down. Fiend is garrett reynolds tested so thats a safe bet, but fit dont exactly have a slow paced team either. You'll be happy with either brand. ive have my fit bennys for 1.5years i think, still going good.

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Topsey is happy getting his health back on point, getting back on riding, and living his life. Not on the internet obsessing over some people who are no more than text on a webpage to him. Yous should move on, he has. You guys just ... more »

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Does bum you out but atleast it makes you think of an important issue that shouldnt go ignored. I havent known anyone personally whos done it, but ive friends that at points have been on the edge and its horrible, and harder to do anything for them than ... more »

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just know that with a steeper offset, although its easier to get into nose based tricks, its harder to stay in them, just like with chainstay length. But yeah, r series forks wont let you down, and i ran the v1 of the primo hub for ages and it always ... more »

Added reply in a thread Think Garrett can 3 whip flat ? 5/24/2015 2:01 PM

probably can but I imagine its hard to get one half clean, id guess that theyd land just short of 360 alot of the time, and they aint the sort of riders to put up a sketchy ass clip

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love my eclat bondi rims. Theres a v2 coming aswell i believe. Either way, been on that rim for a long time now, almost 2 years. I;m not really smooth and it rarely needs truing, if it is, its just a pinch due to lose spokes most likely

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Added reply in a thread Best Guard sprocket? 5/18/2015 2:42 AM

Had my knox for 1 1/2years, holding up fine so far, no complaints. I assume any guarded sprocket would be in the same condition near enough right now though compared to my know though.

Added reply in a thread crank flips and coasters 5/18/2015 2:38 AM

tbh most new freecoaster come stock with the thrust bearing behind the clutch. But yeah, crank flips are entirely possible, just gotta kick em slightly harder to make up for the extra resistance

Started new thread WTP Ovoid 5/18/2015 1:38 AM

Whats up guys! So I'm building up a bmx for my filming buddy, the irish chick im often talking about. Anyway, found a WTP ovoid frame for cheap, but this frame is before my time of bmx, so wondering if anyone who remembers it (08) could give me some ... more »

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Or playing against someone who complains when playing a freestyle sport.

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That frame that Joe put together with your exact setup with all brand new parts after you'd sent it back and there was zero wobble? Yeah I remember that one.

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I dont believe that for a mm.

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Animal tyres all day

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He using cheats fo sure

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@eddimundo I post stuff

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Of course he's gunna say that, not like he's gunna call anything from otx designs anything BUT that.

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youve already fucked it by asking tips for going pro. Dont ride to go pro, ride for fun. Being a pro isnt even well paid, the majority of riders who are 'pro' still have day to day jobs. But saying that, being a chill guy, not copying people, being original, ... more »

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Totally agree, shouldnt be that hard. But it'd be testing it and making sure it works with most cassette hubs. If you came up with something id be down to machine whatever i can do

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what sort of bb cost $70? ahahahahaha. In life, you dont get shit for free, you have to work for it.