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Elliot Brett's bike

Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame Total BMX Hangover Red
Fork Fit Blades Black
Handlebars Premium Whiskey Bar Chrome
Bar ends ODI Plastic Pink for cancer
Stem Demolition Stealth Red
Grips ODI Stay Strong Black
Headset Shadow Conspiracy Integrated Chrome
Cranks Salt AM Black yes I know thay are shit
Bottom bracket Stolen Revolver Red
Spindle Other What is that
Sprocket Salt Saltplus Echo It dose the Job
Chain Salt Plus Not snapped one in 2 years thay are sick
Pedals Superstar Metel pedels Love the grip sick
Brake levers Primo one bolt Had it for years
Brakes Odyssey Evo 2 It's going no where
Detangler Stolen Satellite It is like there is nothing there so smooth
Brake cables SNAFU Astroglide There brake cables nothing special
Brake accessories Other Vocal Plate
Seat BSD live life What I live by
Seatpost BSD Blitzed Black no one sees it
Seatpost clamp Other Built in In the side of my frame
Front rim Alienation Deviant Blue
Rear rim Alienation Runaway Blue
Driver/freewheel Profile Elite Ti 9 t driver
Front hub Profile Elite Blue
Rear hub Profile Elite Blue
Hub guard Other Don't have one yet
Front tire KHE Mac 2 Park Haven
Rear tire KHE Mac 2 Park Haven
General Info
Model Year 2013
Additional Info Best bike love it some much don't waigh my bike but it is very light