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Not bad, but nothing special


The Good: super grippy, look good, slim, light weight, feel solid

The Bad: spindle bends kinda easy, come loose all the time, the bushing squeaks like a mother fucker, the bodies wear down fast


I've had these pedals for about 6 months now and they have held up well. The spindle bent once on a gap that really wasn't that big, luckily I had a set of plastic slims I took a spindle from. They are really grippy and feel good when you ride. Just from falling a hand full of times the bodies are chipped and ground down a lot more than I believe they should be. And the bushings squeak like mad, I've attempted to grease them to shut them up but it just keeps getting worse.

All in all I do like the pedals, but I suggest if you are going to spend $100 on pedals, that you invest your money into a better set than these.

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Beautiful bike, one of my favorites I've seen on here.

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Awesome video! Anyone know know anything about the trails around 20 secs in? I've never seen them before but i have in videos a lot lately, not sure if its just a coincidence or are they new?

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Beautiful bike, I like it

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Kink is a great brand. If I were to choose a complete it would be Kink or WTP. I wouldn't recommend Eastern. While their frames, forks, and bars are better now, all the parts they come with are absolute garbage, even for beginners. A Kink would be your ... more ยป