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Bad. Ass.

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If it has a 15/16" bore, then yes.

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I know the exact feeling man. 40+ here. Was off a bmx for 2 decades and had similar reasons to get back on. My only tips are to take it easy. Realize you got bills to pay. And stretch before riding.

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Might be helpful to have bikers and skaters in there as a coalition.

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Probably because they're 48H G-sport rims. Get them bad boys laced to your Bone Deth Porn Hubs.

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WTP/Eclat/Salt/SaltPlus are imported from Germany. That's how. Same was true of the Colony stuff until they opened an office here in the states. It has nothing to do with the name, but the WTP stuff is top notch.

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Nice write up, Brayden. I think anyone going into a purchase of lightly colored tires should expect them to look dirtier than black tires. Although black tires can look just as dirty.

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The three-wheeler is by Rungu. There's two versions: Juggernaut (shown) and the Kilimanjaro; which has narrower front tires and suspension forks.

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Check it out with some high riser bars. http://vimeo.com/88484012

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Those are 20" wheels.

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Wow Maximus. Wow! My sincerest sympathies for your friend, Chaz, his family, and you and your friends. That is a really tough thing to be dealing with.

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I am putting this thread together as a resource for people looking into getting a 22-Inch wheel (457mm BSD) bmx bike. Faction F22

The Faction F22 is a foldable 22" tire with Aramid (Kevlar) bead, rated at 100psi, and is 2.29" (58mm) wide. S&M ... more ยป

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Have you seen the Mongoose Massif yet?

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Harrisburg and surrounding areas. http://youtu.be/pZQGB2BRbjA

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You don't need a 2.4" tire on the back. Get the 2.2" for the back. Besides that, Fly is on the 4th version of this frame. Which one do you have?

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Things the industry needs to agree on... 1. More 22-inch BMX parts i.e. tires, rims, frames, forks 2. Team members riding 22's

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Yeah. It's bent. Rake is the "old" word for offset.

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Never heard of them before this thread. They still have a website and making parts, but they seem to have gotten out of bmx.