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I used to ride them a lot but at this point I'm kinda bored of it. I was decent but it's kinda gay if you take it serious but I guess that's with all of the sports aha

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Lmao what type of shit is that just google 9 inch chrome bars

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Lmao yeah I remember vein. I never fucked with them though because I always felt like it was cheap. I've never really liked new weird budget companies.

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I ride scooters who's trying to talk shit

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Lmao it looks dumb af in the first picture good decision. I still ride 8.35 and a dropped fl

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Lol the dunks don't grip metal pedals what makes them think the grips will stick to sweaty hands

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I bought two pairs of shoes off of van Homan for 10 bucks a pair lol. That's how I got the steeze

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Tried it once and my hand got stuck on a barspin. Fuck gloves plus they do look kinda wack. But if they work for you dope

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Your wheels crooked homie tighten the bolts evenly

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Ramp tramps or kid's moms are accepted. If she's 16 we good

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I wore knee, shin and ankle under some jeans especially when learning tailwhips or barspins. but I don't ride in pads anymore. Gotta stay looking fresh in case some bitches roll through the park

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American eagle makes the best jeans. I used to wear skinny jeans lol

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Don't over think it. Kick, stay over it, keep your feet together in the air, catch your front foot and swing the back over . I learned it over a hip but up a bank was the second variation I learned.

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My least favorite trend in bmx. I'm not even talking about 7 inch frames being the best but it would be nice to find a lot more 7.75-8.3 soh frames. And we need to bring back 20.6. I despise all of the current "in" bike parts. Wayy too big and uncomfortable ... more »

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I ride 8.35 bars with a 3mm rise fl stem and 2 spacers. Fuck big bars haha.

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Frames cracked. Is it safe to ride I'm not trying to get broke but every other frame on the market disgusts me. This was the best frame I've ridden. I ride park so no big drops.

... more »

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Mutiny- Coolest company imo, parts are legit and not too overdone, need to remake the rune Flybikes- Was my favorite company as a kid, my first frame was a fly mosca, cool logo simple Profile- Only hubs I ride Terrible One- T1! Total- still make park/normal ... more »

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I skated for a few years but i don't feel it anymore. I ride scooters though.

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Up I cracked the frame lol so looking for another preferably the rune or anything like 20.6 Lowish soh Short back end