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Added reply in a thread What the best freecoaster hub 2/25/2015 3:07 AM

As skeet skeet just said, 90% of coasters are the same with KHE internals. Pick one of these, or you'll probably expose yourself to a lot of troubles with a blind or anything who don't use KHE internals.

Added reply in a thread GT Pro cassette? 2/22/2015 7:58 PM

It looks to be a really good hub, but the spring system on the driver looks weak.

Added reply in a thread Learning to Bunny Hop popped by back inner tube! 2/22/2015 12:57 AM

Don't pay anybody to work on your bike, from changing a tube to lacing wheels, learn to do it yourself !

Added reply in a thread Learning to Bunny Hop popped by back inner tube! 2/21/2015 9:01 AM

13$ for a tube is thief. Pump your tyres and you'll be fine.

Added reply in a thread chase hawk Ruben tire 2/21/2015 5:14 AM

Both of them, the Flybikes ruben for front and something more slick on the back like the hawk. I've never ride hawk tyres but they don't really inspiring trust to me... Why not a Bsd donnasqueak instead, i ride them and they grip perfect ! And you can't ... more »

Added reply in a thread Madera v2 or BSD Street?! 2/21/2015 2:11 AM

Go for BSD to ride hard, and if the engagement is something matter for you, there's also the Shadow BTR with a 14 mm female axle and 4 pawls (instead of 3 for BSD).

Added reply in a thread Tire Choices 2/19/2015 9:40 PM

BSD donnasqueak for the back and a Fly Ruben for the front,

Added reply in a thread Very skeet BMX build update 2/18/2015 1:11 AM

There's something missing on that bike...

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Added reply in a thread Can i ride this tire still picture are included. 2/13/2015 11:51 AM

This tyre looks like a fucking tube !

Added reply in a thread hub gaurds 2/12/2015 6:13 AM

The kink one.

Added reply in a thread hub nut not on far enough? 2/11/2015 9:06 PM

When you put some pegs, you should took off the washer because the peg replace it. Do this and it will be better.

Added reply in a thread What's better for grinding 2/11/2015 1:34 AM

On the front a 10mm female is a lot stronger than a 10 mm male (they tend to bend really easily)

Added reply in a thread Should get both 2.10 tires in the front and back. 2/11/2015 1:27 AM

2.10 with 2.30 will make a perfect setup. Personnaly i don't like the feel of a thin tire (2.10) in the front.

Added reply in a thread How do I do better manuals? 2/8/2015 1:16 PM

Just do manuals all day long and you will find your right manual postion to being locked in. Also you can try different bar settings, the height and position; personnaly i'm more locked with my bar a bit forward, because with my arms straight (in manual ... more »

Added reply in a thread PC Pedals for street 2/6/2015 11:24 AM

The two best pedals i had try are the Duo Resilte and the Eclat Plaza. There are so large and the grip is here, fuck off pedal grinds !

Added reply in a thread Im a fucking genius 2/6/2015 10:13 AM

Yeah it's a great idea to get the tools integrated to the bike, like your valve / spoke key. In the same kind, something who've changed my life is the seat post with the 17mm key (made by wtp), so when i just go ride around without bag, I only take my ... more »

Added reply in a thread chicago-in barz 2/6/2015 1:02 AM

I like when my bar looks parrallel to the fork but is a bit forward. But i'm 6.1 feet for a 21" frame and it feels so small to me, i loop out too much manuals because of this; when i manual I got my arms straight and my bodyweight is far behind my rear ... more »

Added reply in a thread helps for a new bike 2/5/2015 5:18 AM

What you need to get a solid bike is a full cromoly frame, fork and bar. So the kink whip is a good choice. You can also check Flybikes, this year all their complete bikes are full crmo, you just have to pick your favorite geometry and color.

Added reply in a thread Top 5 1/31/2015 12:45 AM

I say Kriss Kyle, this guy got a really unique style, from flairs everywhere, to crazy smooth lines and now he's bringing the coaster to the park, definetly my favorite rider. But there is also a ton of guys with style, like Matt Priest, Matthias Dandois, ... more »