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Larry Edgar's riding...

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You're right, sometimes it worth it to keep trying the trick or line you struggle with, and sometimes you just have to let it go and try again later, it really depends on the situation and knowing yourself and your personnal skills.

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Never had any problems with a 19mm crank (foundation syndicate) which I rode for 4 years, I upgraded it for a shadow killer crank 22mm because I wanted to try 170's cranks and they feels alot stiffer, because of the larger axle (and the overall crankarms ... more »

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I had 3 frames with differents geos and all of them were 11.5" BB, but each time I tried a bike with a higher BB I loved it so my next one will have a high BB to try this out, thanks to Sean Golf for all those details but the thing I really notice the ... more »

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The BSD safari frame, 100% personnal criterion, just because the geo is exactly what I want.

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You can look into the freestlye MTB world, many guys need gyros to do so much whips and bars in one run, they got some larger gyros to fit their larger headtube so they got to have some adequate cables too. Edit : I just made a quick search about it ... more »

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I tried DH once, it was so much fun to go fast down the mountain, take some jumps, slaloming between trees, and putting that back brake to use to drift on sharp turns, it's like a crossover between my two sports of predilection, BMX and snowboarding. ... more »

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I ride a 29" wide bar and I put my hands at the widest point of it, I just love the solid and stable feeling. When I put my hands more inside the bar like if I was riding a 27" or something like that, I feel so weak, I would never gap some stairs or ... more »

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Don't go cheap on forks, once I broken a steerer tube just below the stem landing fakie and gone straight to hospital (it was a 3 months old mutiny wands v3). I ride the BSD acid since a year and this shit is solid, and the 30 mm offset is perfect for ... more »

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In another topic you made I already had advised you on the flybikes, why ? To make it short, 21" will suit you more, because you are tall and still growing. For the chainstays lenght you seem so worry about, 13.25" is better, because you'll run your ... more »

Added reply in a thread Proper bsh for street? 11/22/2016 3:12 PM

Not the most responsive geometry out there but as long as you feel right on it, your setup is fine. If you really want to add some twitchyness, go for shorter chainstays and/or high BB, eventually some shorter offset fork if you are into nose manuals. ... more »

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I don't know how to hop bar (yet) but the best way to learn the barspin motion is to put your feet on your back pegs and practice. I can do them regular, switch, and you can have fun by doing crazy combos like bar to bar to bar back, doing them fakies, ... more »

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You got a good condition bike on hand, just ride it. Don't spend money on parts right now, especially if it's only for an aesthetic reason, and not because you want a different geometry. And a back brake is a good thing to start riding, you'll not be ... more »

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Brayden, you didn't seem to had the time to get the guard rubbing your spokes, it just exploded before... My problems was with a bsd guard which had a steel core tho, so I did some cuts. Also, plastic spacers.... who was even thinking this would be a ... more »

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How those plegs hold ups ? I would be so scared to grind with these (the steel or alloy core stops at mid pegs right ?) I run 4 bsd plastics with steel core because alloy chips and can cut you, and I'll maybe do some kind of plegs by putting some 4.5" ... more »

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Probably ripped too many pairs of shins too ^^ I had try those pedals once and I just hated them, they hurted my foot like no other pedals ! When I run full plastic pedals I run the BSD one's because they are decently wide and got a lot of pins.

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So much pedal grinds variation and 6 months for one pair... nice. I don't know how you manage to grind always the same side, too annoying for me. I googled "odyssey sprocket pocket" it's funny to see a spocket that big with a guard, even if that completely ... more »

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I mostly ride street so my bike never ends up really dirty, but I love the way it looks with all those rust spiders on my frame, it definatly doesn't look like brand new. Technically speaking my bike is on point if anything got some play like hubs or

... more »
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OMG ! a scooter with a drive train ! I'm going to quit BMX and buy one of these #SWAG #YOLO

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Hi guys, by looking at most recent parts, it seems like plastic take over, so what do you think about plastic parts in general ? what do you love or hate about them ? Personnally I like sleeved pegs, they do slide better on most of my local spots and ... more »

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