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Added reply in a thread best plastic pedals? 4/23/2015 7:40 AM

BSD safari, Eclat Plaza or Duo resilte.

Added reply in a thread Cant find good grips anymore 4/23/2015 4:36 AM

Not really durable, but the Flybikes Devon Smillie are my favorite, classic lines, really soft, and long (160 mm), i love long grips because you have more room for hands, i hate clamp the metal bar with my thumb. Otherwise, the Odi longnecks are almost ... more »

Added reply in a thread What do you guys think? 4/23/2015 4:14 AM

I don't know about the seat, but the seatpost (with 17mm pipe key) is super igenious, not really usefull if you got tools in the bag, but when i go out just for an hour or something, i just take a multi- allen key (in case the bar slip forward or anything ... more »

Added reply in a thread i need help on finding the bsd video 4/14/2015 11:40 AM

Here is maybe a good place to start.

Added reply in a thread 20" vs. 20.5" frame 4/13/2015 9:11 AM

20" is really short, for your height I recommend 21" or bigger. The main difference you'll feel is you'll be alot less cramped on your bike, an appropriate top tupe lenght and a good bar height adjustment can considerabilly make you feel more comfortable. ... more »

Added reply in a thread 15 lbs! 4/9/2015 10:58 PM

Don' try to get a lighter bike by light parts, they'll all be broken. Now, eat, go ride and take muscle, if you are stronger, your bike will feel lighter.

Added reply in a thread Gearing question. I went from 33/13 (older bmx) to 28/9 4/9/2015 12:18 PM

It's all about ratio, the classic 25x9 gearing is 2,7 ratio, your 33x13 is 2,5, it must be really slow, the best is 28x9 (3,1 ratio) it's a lot more powerful. More the ratio is high, more the firsts crank turns will be hard, but your top speed will increase ... more »

Added reply in a thread Please delete this 4/5/2015 1:56 PM

Aha ! I just don't get the deal of the function or fonction until now. And be cool guys, i'm french too and we write it "fonction" (example : it´s functional = c'est fonctionnel in french) that´s just a fucking letter !

Added reply in a thread Please delete this 4/5/2015 12:49 PM

Aha ! Function will always take over fashion but there's nothing wrong by wanting a good looking bike. I'm only against oilslick.

Added reply in a thread Topload vs frontload 4/5/2015 12:39 PM

There is the frontload stems, the toploads and now the "double floor" toploads than every brand had start to do a few times ago. The differences will be more height, and reach (like on any stem). I had personnaly made the switch for a "double floor" ... more »

Added reply in a thread Bottom Bracket 4/3/2015 9:31 AM

Check everything he said if you want your crank spin a lot, some people like it loose to doing smooth crankflip, some others likes to tight crank and chain, like that the crank will not move for whips. But tighten or not, the crank will feel the same ... more »

Added reply in a thread Help! 4/3/2015 6:07 AM

Ahaha ! -- Seriously, one hammer hit and it's done.

Added reply in a thread Best Shin Gaurds 4/3/2015 5:51 AM

I got them, they protect really well, but fuse don't seem to love "big guys" i'm 6ft 200lbs but i have pretty thin cafl and i need XL (i had buy the L before but I could not even close them) I mean, even if i'm bigger than a lot of guys in size or weight, ... more »

Added reply in a thread stopping mechanism 4/3/2015 3:29 AM

Evo's ll are a great choice (even if i never had ride with it, any brake can be good with a nice setting). Otherwise, i got a flybikes manual brake, and it works very well, i particulary love the pinch cable and the possibilty to set the size of one ... more »

Added reply in a thread halfcabbing down stairs 3/27/2015 12:22 PM
Added reply in a thread Hub Wars 3/27/2015 4:10 AM

I ride both, more often on my coaster those last times but it´s cool to get back on cassette sometimes, to do cassette tricks or simply to ride a bowl or a trail.

Added reply in a thread Trail tires 3/27/2015 2:02 AM

To ride trails, you'll need a front tire with an agressive tread, like a fly ruben, and for the back you can ride approxymately what you want if your trail is dry, just avoid slick ones or you'll slip at the first turn.

Added reply in a thread What makes a bike dialed? 3/27/2015 1:52 AM

Nothing moves, everything is tighten, there's no weird noise on crank or anywhere else, wheels turn straight, the brake brakes, tyres are pumped... And you should be happy on your bike !

Added reply in a thread Best 28t sprocket make 3/26/2015 12:58 AM

Up to 28 tooth is a great idea but there is a lot of spockets who could do the job so just pick one than you like. I was riding an eclat spocket for years, but i was afraid for my chain when I had put 2 more pegs, so I had buy a stranger fullguard 28t ... more »

Added reply in a thread black bikes 3/24/2015 11:52 AM

I don't like too much rainbow bikes, a black bike with a few chrome parts is wonderful (stem, crank or hubs...) or full black parts with a flash color frame is really cool too. Those color schemes makes the bike clean, but it's secondary, the main thing ... more »