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You don't need to go so extreme, a 13" slammed will be responsive enough while keeping some stability, for having tried an alvx many times, it is a really special frame to ride, I usually rode around 13.4" when tried one for the first time, 12. whatever ... more »

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My whole bike is dialed, so every part matters in the build but some of them are a bit special tho 1. Shadow killer crank, this crank feels stiff, I guess because of this rectangle shape arms, it help a bit on crank arm grinds, I don't know how to do ... more »

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I have a go pro (hero 3 black if that matters) but I don't use it that much to film bmx, I mostly use it for snowboarding. Filming without seeing what's in front of you isn't an issue once you are used to the camera. One of the best tips I can give you ... more »

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Try the tsg ankle braces, I got them these are really cool, I use them as a support for a few weeks after an injury. Here they are.

But usually when not injured, I ride these small ankle protectors, not support the ankle but prevent from hitting ... more »
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Will you notice the difference ? Yes definatly. But this short ALVX seem to be a great option, I always thinked a short back end is far more important than a short top tube to get a responsive bike, and it's strong if you dig into street riding. I tried ... more »

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I tried a momentum tyre on front not so long ago these are crazy lightweight and I didn't grind anything rough with it but it looked weak, like okay for the front but not for a fast feeble on a rough curb, the tyre is really thin as much on sidewalls ... more »

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I used to ride my bar inline with the fork for years, then I started moving it a bit more and more forward to see how it felt. And I like the added room (even if I ride a 21.4" frame now) it also help to do any front wheel manoeuver. If I move it a touch ... more »

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Even with shitty run ups, I hate 25x9, just use those muscles and crank up with a man gearing : 44x9 ftw lol, just kidding but I ride 28x9 all day, I'll be curious to try a 27 tho.

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To get that perfect position I look my bike from the top to see the fork dropouts only and I adjust my bar postion using my stem bolts as repair by how the crossbar covers them. Crossbar between bolts, covering certain bolts fully or partially, just

... more »
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↑↑↑ Solid pocket air ↑↑↑ And here's a 180 on a ghetto kicker.

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I think you just need a great cassette hub. About the Z coaster, yes you need to backpedal to put it in freecoaster mode, just like a real coaster. Before a 180 gap you don't stop pedaling when your feet are leveled, you push further then do a quarter ... more »

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I guess yeah, I don't know the good terms, but yeah lower the body weight, bend those knees, then push the ground and pull hard to go high. Those are linked, the harder you push, the harder you'll be able to pull. 100% true about the speed not making ... more »

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To make it quick, the more you push on the ground "the more the ground will push you in the air" valid as much for bunny hops as for boosting quarters and box jumps, speed matters alot too for these last two.

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Learn to do really good hop 3's with a nice tuck at mid spin, then you'll be able to send it off drops. Practice from small drops, even a sidewalk to get the feel of it. When it taking to big drops just send it like a big hop 3 and physics do magic.

... more »
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Riding chainless is funny, keep the flow going and try some lines fakie lines, it's like a coaster, not for everyday tho because pedaling is just far too important. Fix your chain tho, if you want to have fun doing that sometimes, just take your sprockey ... more »

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Crazy trick, but ugly as fuck, single whips are cool, double whips are cool, triples and over just looks disgusting. Style over tricks, it makes me think about one of Larry Edgar's run at simple session, super flowish, going faster and higher than anyone ... more »

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It's a cool grinding setup, you can do fast feebles and sparkles and some long smiths and toothpick on the same rough curb (without the faceplant fear) And the good news is front plastic sleeves wears out slow even while grinding rough stuffs (unlike ... more »

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Go for the 21" if you are more into fast and smooth riding than being a tech wizard. Longer tube means stable bike because of the longer total wheelbase and the added room who gives a less cramped position, so more comfort and stability. and 21" x 2.54 ... more »

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The famous pasta technique... lol I tried it once with some hard rubber grip, for the science I guess... it actually worked pretty good.

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Try the eclat bruno grip (or eclat grips in general), since I tried them, I just keep buying, them, these are long, thin, durable and super grippy ! I precise I never really had hand slipping problems before, except bsd grips which are super slippery ... more »