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If you really want a female coaster go for an odyssey clutch (press fit) But other than this one a female coaster with KHE style internals seems dumb, first to work on it because 10mm female bolts means no allen hole at the end of the axle (maybe one ... more »

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Depends, where you like to put your hands, if you like to put them on the end of the bar, a shorter bar isn't smart, but if you like to grab your bar more to the inside of the grips near the curve a smaller width will be perfectly fine, plus you got ... more »

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When I started riding a freecoaster, accidental engaging was bitch, but it was mainly because I didn't really knew how a coaster works. Now to be sure the hub is disengage before 180 a set or any fakie trick, what I do is pedaling a quarter crank too ... more »

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You are right 10mm male axle bends pretty easily with some heavy peg moves, but don't worry about the rear, 14mm male is strong enough to go trough any peg abuse. So a female front hub would be something smart to buy if you start grinding a lot, but ... more »

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I don't think an official confirmation was necessary to say that kid is not a pro rider.

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If everything works fine, don't buy anything, except pegs, pegs are fun.

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My best advice for 180 grinds is to hop far from the ledge, especially with 180 to double pegs, like 55 inches away from the ledge, it helps alot because you can pull a big 180 (and not having a weird body positioning like if you were closer of the ledge), ... more »

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Avoid grinds on this side, and even avoiding them, the tyre can blow out at any moment, it's time for a new one bro.

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I think your crank is fine, just take everything off clean the bb the cones and be generous with grease when putting evreything back together and you should be fine. About the 2 pcs vs 3 pcs, I think both are fine and can allow you to have a dialed crank, ... more »

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I also got a 4 set of steel pegs, just in case, I was riding with plastic on front an steel on the rear for a while, because as you said on rough stuff youu got to go faster but it works. But on the front, plastics allow you to smith some stuff you would ... more »

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Yeah they worth it, my front pegs (bsd plastics) don't wear fast at all, I got them since over 6 months and I grind a lot including rough stuffs. And about those (really) rough stuff to ride, the safe grind is always a feeble, so I do alot of feebles ... more »

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Watch this. and maybe some of you'll be intressed by this

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Honestly, just get some pegs and go grind. I can understand the advantages of longer pegs, I even have personally got some (4.5" rear / 4.25" if that matters), because one of my favorite street spots for grinding have some really rounded edges, so that ... more »

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Wide bars feels good. I always tell to people who wants to cut down their bars to to it progressive because once it's cut, it's cut, 0.25" is good to start, and if that's not short enough after cutting it down the first time you still can do it again. ... more »

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The classic peg length is 4" you can easily find some 4.5" but not more.

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It didn't knew much about these bars, but it makes sense for the knees, especially with the short top tubes they were riding. I had always hated the bar superforward, especially with 21" and under bikes, this makes the bike feels weird, and some guys ... more »

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Nice paint job on the frame !

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What's the point guys ? If you like your hands around 26" why keep 4" useless inches ? and not simply cut the bar down, not has to be so drastic, but 1" down each side and you're good to go ! No bar in the way for barspins and you even lose weight aha ... more »