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Look at under the grips you'll have the bars dimension like 8.5"x29" and maybe the model engraved too, if not, the dimensions can help you to figure this out by going on colony website and compare bars specs, if they still make it, you'll find it, if ... more »

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Yes you need.

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For the front, the shadow raptor with both steel (and nice shaped) guards, I avoid plastic guards. For the back, anything as long as it´s not a 3/8 female axle, and use guards, steel guards, I go for an universal on non drive side that I can add without ... more »

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Most of the time, I ride with beginners or if not beginners, they are not as good as me but I love to teach tricks or give them some advices and ideas of new creative stuffs to do adapted to their skills. That's what riders do, we help each other to ... more »

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I'm 6.1' and I ride a 21.5" frame (69° seat tube, so it feels 21.25") because I am tall and I like a roomy bike, so I feel more solid and stable on tricks and everything, for a quick feel, I look for short chainstays (tall guy short chainstays like 13.5" ... more »

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Practice, alot. Beside that, the higher you'll lift up your front wheel, the higher you'll go, after reaching your top height in some kind of crunched position with your knees bent, straighten your legs to land back wheel first. Also, judging by your ... more »

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Okay so spline drive sprocket seems to work well for you, maybe avoiding the 19mm axle, if it crush the space spines too easily but even if it takes longer, it will probably end up happening too on larger axles... I don't plan to buy a new sprocket anytime ... more »

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Bigger wheels do not necessarly means a roomier bike, just go for a longer frame, 5.9' on a 20.5" frame it is fully normal than you feel cramped. Go for a 21" at least, 21.25 would suit you well I think, eventually bigger bars too. And if you start looking ... more »

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Hi guys, I know the benefits of the spline drive like the elimination of tight spots and a generally smoother feeling I guess. But I'm curious about how the crank axle spindles handles it, doesn't it tear it out too quickly ? like after a hard year of ... more »

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The shadow killer crank is the best crank avaiable to me, it feels stiff and solid and I love to do crankarm feeble on ledges, but with this grind the "around axle and bolt" part of the crank is super exposed and the bolt ends up stuck in the crank on ... more »

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To re center a rim, use the spokes, not washers. If you want your wheel a bit more left, tight all the left spokes by a quarter or a half turn, depends on how tight the spokes are and do it again if necessary.

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The fork top cap has to be tighten just enough for your headset to don't have any play, then the real tightening is done with the stem bolts. If it still don't spin as you want. your headset is probably fucked (fucked headsets doesn't like overtigtening, ... more »

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As soon as there's a too big bump or if the wheels go sideways, it just annoys me. I also don't like loose spokes because I'm a big guy, so I keep them tight, plus riding loose spokes only make things goes worst and worst and It just take a few minutes ... more »

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The micro knurling goes away fast on the center line, so it turns into a slick tyre but you still have extra grip when it comes to carve hard.

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Go for the Flybikes Ruben tyres, the ultimate all around tyre dirt included, plus these are easily findables in europe, and as said go for the biggest size up front and a bit smaller in the back, the "official sizes" for this tyre are 2.35" and 2.15" ... more »

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I didn't picture this this way, what relation between headtube and BB ? To me it seems like the BB is in the same spot whatever the seat tube angle, from that BB, the seat tube comes and depending on the angle the toptube will start on a different spot, ... more »

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One thing to know about seat tube angle is it affects the actual size of the bike. Get a 21.5" frame with a 69° seat tube or a 21.25" frame with 71° they will feel the same.

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To get more slack after pull off the 3 tiny washers, pull out the big hat washer and put it back the other way, you'll have a lot more slack.

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I switched from 175 to 170 two month ago, (I wanted to try shorter cranks since a while but I was afraid to not like a 165) the difference is not crazy but I definatly notice it, everything seems more natural. With feet closer it´s easier to put pressure ... more »

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Brutal... Happens the same to me trying to bunny hop up a stairset (and casing the last stair) but this was never that much bent, it has happened more than once, and I had always put the rim back straight with an adjustable wrench, you should try to ... more »