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Added reply in a thread What are the best grips for me to buy 7/1/2015 2:31 AM

I like thin grips, also a bit longer (160mm), my favorites are the flybikes devon smillie.

Added reply in a thread straight cable 6/30/2015 2:40 AM

I had run different brake setups and I don't feel more braking power with my straight cable (odyssey) than with my gyro (cheap salt complete). The brake pads are way more important, black pads are good for slowing down, but not for tricks, to do brake ... more »

Added reply in a thread bigger riders? 6/29/2015 12:50 AM

I'm 6'1 fot around 200 lbs. I'm not really fat or giant, i'm just bigger than a lot of people. So i'm riding a 21.5" frame, and everything is good !

Added reply in a thread Please help me. i need help asap 6/27/2015 12:29 AM

If you want to keep your brake, and also to ride big tyres without any rubbing problem, try to run a 2.40" / 2.25" combo. I personally ride 2.25" front and back, i have never seen my tyre rub a brake. (tried with a fly manual, and an old salt brake). ... more »

Added reply in a thread TCU TV 6/26/2015 10:44 AM

I love those interviews, but unlike some of you I cannot watch them while doing something else because i'm french so i need to be focus when they speak (and youtube subtittles are a joke). My favorite one was the interview with Matthias Dandois & ... more »

Added reply in a thread list of all the 9.5 inch rise bars? 6/25/2015 2:03 PM

Dumb kid. A recent post was speaking about bar geometry, read it.

Added reply in a thread chain rubbing hub guard 6/25/2015 1:42 AM

What hub and guard are you running. I had a primo diver side who has a really small clearance for chain. Now i'm running the kink driver side, just slide in, lot of chain clearance, durable crmo (plastic guards are stupid), the best driver guard.

Added reply in a thread insanely tight cranks! 6/24/2015 5:09 AM

I like my crank tight, a bit hard to turn without chain. But once you are on the bike, there's absolutely no difference while pedaling, a tight / loose chain can make a difference, not this. So except if you are a crankflip fan it shouldn't be a problem. ... more »

Added reply in a thread BSD frames 6/24/2015 2:59 AM

I was riding a BSD beverage, and now a bigger passenger and... The taiwanese welders are good. Especially since i know 90% of the frames are build there (in the same big factory for all brands from what i've heard/read).

Added reply in a thread Handlebar geometry 6/24/2015 2:49 AM

There is 4 settings to considerate for buy a bar. Height and width (like 8.75" and 29") And the up and backsweep, to understand what it is, nothing more simple as a picture.

The backsweep will define the feeling of your hands and wrists (i ... more »

Added reply in a thread Free Coasters, are they worth it? 6/23/2015 1:14 PM

Chainless is a really unique feeling. I love riding my coaster (with max slack) but chainless feels horrible, not use pedal pressure is something we get used to but not pedaling at all is so weird and make the bike feels weak as hell !

Added reply in a thread Low Standover frame 6/21/2015 10:33 AM

Low standover frames looks weird, i like it better between 8.5" and 9"

Added reply in a thread H,BH,TTL,S 6/21/2015 10:29 AM

Height : 6'1 Bar height : 8,75" Top Tube : 21.5" Stem : topload, 50mm reach, 33mm rise, 7mm of spacers..

Added reply in a thread Free Coasters, are they worth it? 6/21/2015 8:04 AM

If you want to try a coaster, so try it. I personnaly ride a coaster because I like it, not because it's the fashion thing. It's a really different riding, you can do more lines, fakie tricks are different, you cannot use pedal pressure. Just don't think ... more »

Added reply in a thread Dewtour Streetstyle 6/20/2015 1:31 AM

I don't follow contest that much but is one is cool. So bad if the course miss of big things... Whatever, Dennis is the guy !

Added reply in a thread What shin/knee pads?? 6/19/2015 7:26 AM

I was used to ride with fuse whip (shin guards) but they were really small (even the XL size) and slippery, we close them with 4 scratchs on the back, to make it less slippery i tight hard the higher scratch on the thinner part of my calf, the scracth ... more »

Added reply in a thread Who has bsd pro hubs 6/12/2015 2:53 PM

I got it, really good hub. I only ride it since a few months so i cannot really say how durable it is, but i think it can last years.

Added reply in a thread Help with Creaking Noise :( 6/12/2015 12:55 PM

Grease everything, axle, bearing sides, chain...

Added reply in a thread Your Best Trick 6/12/2015 12:52 PM

Probably cab 540.

Added reply in a thread Front wheel is slow 6/11/2015 10:03 AM

Tight your spokes, pump your tyres, you'll go faster.