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I didn't picture this this way, what relation between headtube and BB ? To me it seems like the BB is in the same spot whatever the seat tube angle, from that BB, the seat tube comes and depending on the angle the toptube will start on a different spot, ... more »

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One thing to know about seat tube angle is it affects the actual size of the bike. Get a 21.5" frame with a 69° seat tube or a 21.25" frame with 71° they will feel the same.

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To get more slack after pull off the 3 tiny washers, pull out the big hat washer and put it back the other way, you'll have a lot more slack.

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I switched from 175 to 170 two month ago, (I wanted to try shorter cranks since a while but I was afraid to not like a 165) the difference is not crazy but I definatly notice it, everything seems more natural. With feet closer it´s easier to put pressure ... more »

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Brutal... Happens the same to me trying to bunny hop up a stairset (and casing the last stair) but this was never that much bent, it has happened more than once, and I had always put the rim back straight with an adjustable wrench, you should try to ... more »

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That´s why I keep buying BSD tyres, those are awesome.

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Bigger tyres makes the bike feels more sluggish which I like, a big front tyre provide grip, traction and stability. To ride dirt I would go with this combo. Flybikes tyre 2.35" front, a nice all around tyre with a nice thread. And for the back, either ... more »

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I could simply be a loose sprocket bolt. or worn spindle because of spline drive spocket maybe.

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WTF ! 150$ for stickers !!! I never paid for a single sticker... and still I have a fridge covered of them.

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If your point is to get a smaller weight number, riding bike won't help for the simple reason than muscle weigh more than grease, but for sure it will make you a better body, and as Dave said, good food is crucial too. And 190 lbs for 6' is not fat, ... more »

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Scotty and his friends makes the best webisodes, really enjoyable, these are the only ones I still watch. LZ is boring, his car, his girl, LZ himself... TCU webisodes... well... why the hell is John Hicks considered like god of filming (judging by youtube ... more »

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Damn ! You ride a fucking ice rink. I was gonna say go for it and see what happens but after seeing that... I'm not that much sure, they looks like hawk tyres and and friend got these (hawks) and he complain about slipping on places I never slip with ... more »

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It´s true than a shorter top tube brings a quicker bike. But I also think tall people should ride a proper suited bike, you can dig quickness on other stuffs mainly shorter chainstays and high BB eventually steep headtube depending on what kind of bike ... more »

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Hi, for your height, go for a frame over 21" like 21.25" or 21.5", more room, more comfort, more stabily. plus you come from enduro so a 21" or under bike would make you feel cramped.

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Not since they released a 24mm spindle crank, it just wouldn't work with a spannish BB. About the tiny weight difference... don't be that picky, and of that really matters, think on global bikeweight, not part by part, you earn a few oz with a larger ... more »

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You got a nice large budget to build you a dream bike, but there's tons of variables to make it YOUR dream bike, like frame geo of course, and also crank lengh, fork offset, bar height, tyre sizes, cassette or freecoaster... To get a proper sized bike ... more »

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I'm happy than your chain hold so well, but each time I had to work on one of these shadow chain, the links falls apart and/or the holes are stretched, so even if I never had own one, this don't really inspire trust, even if there's another thing to ... more »

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Look at BSD frames. The Passenger is a do it all frame 21.1" toptube, 13.25" --> 13.65" chainstays, short but not crazy short. 75° headtube / 11.5"BB and 9" standover" The Raider do it all too but it has longer chainstays, not sure that's what you ... more »

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It should be symetrical, but the real question is : is your wheel correctly trued ? I mean even a wheel who turns perfectly straight can be "not trued correctly" because the rim is off center. To bring the rim in one side or another, tight the all the ... more »

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I don't like those shadow interlock chains because, after a while riding them, they become weak as fuck, I never had one personnally, but helped some kids with their shadow chain troubles multiple times. But whatever, this isn't the topic, don't worry ... more »