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Those dont look like Akimbos ..

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Want a set of hubs . Profile or Primos preferably . but will consider anything ..

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Trying to trade Cinema 777's laced to cinema female hubs for another set of wheels . Any brand

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Shit held up


The Good: Held up for almost 2 years , paint doesn't chip incredibly bad

The Bad: once it starts coming apart its all over


Had this chain for close to two years never snapped till about a month ago and ive probably ran it too tight its whole life , but it never stretched links or anything . Over this past summer i did notice the pins looked like they were starting to slip out of the links and it had about a month left after that before it was complete trash. overall great chain

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70$ ?

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I wanna trade a set of Cinema 777's with Sealed female hubs for a set of wheels with a male back female front ? anybody ? text me 702.499.9513 for pictures and to talk

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Anyone know some good ditches to ride in vegas ?

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Ed Fountain . Its on the corner of Vegas Dr/Decatur