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It definitely makes the wheel stiffer. It results in 4x lacing which is stiffer than 3x. When I switched from a regular hub to a flangeless, I couldn't believe the difference in stiffness. Now that I switched back, I kind of regret it! @OP, you still ... more »

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I've heard of people getting "super hero like powers" while on LSD. I had a long talk with my friends dad one day (he was telling me about his past drug abuse), and he told me while on LSD him and his friends would have foot races on walls. I believe ... more »

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Subrosa Thunderbeast 21.5" Subrosa High Life Stem Subrosa Magnum 28t sprocket Subrosa Bitchin Mid BB Subrosa Big Bitchin 170mm Cranks Shadow Conspiracy Raptor LHD Freecoaster Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Front Hub Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Supreme Chain

... more »

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BSD Nasa. Literally the same design as the Ribcage, tweaked just a little bit, and way cheaper/slightly lighter. Mine are holding up great!

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I'm only referring to the Supreme chain. I have shredded an Interlock v2 to bits, and know plenty others who have aswell. Supreme over everything.

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Is Dan's Comp really "the BEST in BMX"?

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I've been riding it for like 6months or so now. Usually my chains are falling to pieces or already replaced by now (including the Keychain), but I've yet to get through my first link. I do tons of sprocket stalls and have chunks missing out of my Supreme, ... more »

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The Garden Trails and Wilson Park

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Sounds like you had tightened your sprocket bolt before tightening your cranks. Always tighten your cranks first. This will sandwich your sprocket between the crank and bottom bracket, making sure it's straight.

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Took me 2 years to learn 180s. Still won't barspin. Don't do crank flips. Can't really air out. In fact I rarely do anything that doesn't involve spinning or grinding a ledge. But 6 years later I'm still riding every day. If you're too impatient for ... more »

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So It's a ballast with chrome stickers. Bet you it's $50 more just for the LZ sticker.

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Sorry I haven't been active lately, guys. I've been doing a lot of video stuff lately. Just wanted to share that I've been hanging out with the guys over at Tree Bicycle Company lately and will be starting a few video projects with them soon. This is ... more »

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I go to parks to learn tricks. I often find its easier to learn stuff on smooth ledges/out of smooth transition, and then it's easy to apply them to the streets. But everyone is different, I'd say just ride whatever sounds like the most fun on that given ... more »

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I feel like this is either a scam or a die hard troll

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Looks to be made of Chromo/HiTen. It looks well-built. If it IS chromoly, I bet it would be a good freestyle frame.

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Yes to the hubs. But for rims, the BSD Nasa rims are almost literally identical to Ribcages, but a tiny bit lighter and certainly cheaper. I've been on mine for a few months now, and although I haven't ever rode Ribcages, I can say that so far they hold ... more »

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And this would only be true if it were left in the sun, I believe.

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I had a 13.5 cult and when I switched to my 13.5 volume, I had to remove 4 full links. Some companies measure things differently than others. For example, cult could have been measuring weld to drop out, volume could have been measuring center of bb ... more »

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Half links are designed like poop and over time eat the teeth off your sprocket and driver. The only exception to this is the Interlock Supreme, which has cast links instead of stamped/bent ones. Full links are the way to go unless you're willing to ... more »

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I would get the Primo Remix v2. Same design as the Ballast, Mix, Match, and Remix, but with a 17mm axle and 14mm axle bolts. If you never want to break an axle again, look for a Gsport Ratchet hub. 20mm axle with 14mm bolts and lifetime warranty