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Sorry I haven't been active lately, guys. I've been doing a lot of video stuff lately. Just wanted to share that I've been hanging out with the guys over at Tree Bicycle Company lately and will be starting a few video projects with them soon. This is ... more »

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I go to parks to learn tricks. I often find its easier to learn stuff on smooth ledges/out of smooth transition, and then it's easy to apply them to the streets. But everyone is different, I'd say just ride whatever sounds like the most fun on that given ... more »

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I feel like this is either a scam or a die hard troll

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Looks to be made of Chromo/HiTen. It looks well-built. If it IS chromoly, I bet it would be a good freestyle frame.

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Yes to the hubs. But for rims, the BSD Nasa rims are almost literally identical to Ribcages, but a tiny bit lighter and certainly cheaper. I've been on mine for a few months now, and although I haven't ever rode Ribcages, I can say that so far they hold ... more »

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And this would only be true if it were left in the sun, I believe.

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I had a 13.5 cult and when I switched to my 13.5 volume, I had to remove 4 full links. Some companies measure things differently than others. For example, cult could have been measuring weld to drop out, volume could have been measuring center of bb ... more »

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Half links are designed like poop and over time eat the teeth off your sprocket and driver. The only exception to this is the Interlock Supreme, which has cast links instead of stamped/bent ones. Full links are the way to go unless you're willing to ... more »

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I would get the Primo Remix v2. Same design as the Ballast, Mix, Match, and Remix, but with a 17mm axle and 14mm axle bolts. If you never want to break an axle again, look for a Gsport Ratchet hub. 20mm axle with 14mm bolts and lifetime warranty

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Took me 2 years to learn how to rotate 180, and another year to learn how to fakie from it. Majority of my riding career was spent hopping up and down curbs with a smile on my face. It's not about going out and doing tricks, it's about going out and ... more »

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What really gives you the cushion is the tires diameter, not as much so the width. But yes, a bigger tire does absorb more of the impact. A wider tire doesn't really do much other than give you more rolling resistance imo. I'm running 2.25 Donnasqueaks ... more »

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There's not much of a difference between male and shemale. The shemale still uses the same threaded hardware and axle as the male (which was what you don't want, correct?) Just uses a weaker bolt and a shorter axle. Only nice thing about it is that it ... more »

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Mine was doing this. It was because I had tightened my non drive side nut too much before tightening my drive side, causing the axle to sit off a little bit. It could also be the ball springs on the axle. I recommend taking everything apart, thoroughly ... more »

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Exact same thing happened to me. Ordered a discontinued tire, never heard from them, made a thread on here, they emailed me offering me a new tire to delete my posts about them, I didn't, they continued bribing me with merchandise to remove my posts. ... more »

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Bestest most ADD movie ever. Six stars.

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I'm confused, they've always made frames?

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Text me pics 3145605050

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Condition of black R25S?

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Buying is an option. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But I do feel that Subrosa does a very good job of using their money to support their riders, keep videos coming, keep new parts and colorways coming, etc. I can't imagine that running a bike company ... more »

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Yup that's how that works. Subrosa is taking advantage of the cheap wholesale stuff to make easy, less risky profit. Atleast the money will be supporting a good company