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Chrome doesn't stick to aluminum as well as it does to chromoly. Some copper plate aluminum to somewhat act as a primer to the chrome plate, but that still only does so much.

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The toptube might be a bit too drastic. I went from 21 to 21.25 and could notice the change. As for the cs, I think that's a personal preference thing. It won't necessarily effect how big the bike feels, but will change tricks like manuals and such. ... more »

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Didn't your new Eclat hub entirely disassemble itself when you tried to install it? I don't think you can talk much about rear hubs. Every rear hub you touch turns to shit.

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Gsport birdcage blue $38 shipped if it helps

Started new thread SUPER CHEAP SALE!!! 10/7/2015 7:47 PM

Paycheck was a bit smaller than expected, need a little bit of money for my road trip on Friday. $55 shipped for Gsport Birdcage anodized blue Odyssey M2 SMALL lever Odyssey GTX sealed gyro detangler Odyssey M2 440mm upper cables Odyssey slic lower cables ... more »

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My Freemix did this for a few days. I regreased everything and tightened up the cone nuts and problem went away.

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I want to go check this out.. anyone know if it's open to public?

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First roof drop. I was screaming and flipping shit then I got arrested.

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Is it rideable? Or is it in the works

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Where is this at?

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Me and a few friends are heading there to ride and film next Friday. If anyone wants to meet up or give us an idea of where to hunt for spots, thatd be awesome!

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Think I'm going to hold off for now. If I decide to go back to cassette I'll probably just build up a zcoaster set

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I'm 3 hours away. I'd like to come out again but all my road trip buddies are anti park, and I'm currently without a vehicle.

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Chromoly or aluminum center axle?

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Ever do any street fun? And Sean burns q/a would be fun

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You lost me at the "52m" part, followed by a TCU video. JK nobody get your titties in a bunch.

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Sunday is their Frame/bike company Odyssey is their parts company Gsport is their wheel company Fairdale is their big-bike company Flatware is their flatland company They do erthang

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20.6-21", something in decent shape and on the cheaper side. Lmk what you have.

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Legit dude here