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Long story short, I've been putting a lot more effort into my riding recently, and I've managed to break majority of the spokes in my back wheel. What are some ways to protect them without getting rid of my hubguards(no gland?) I was looking at this

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N4FL out of those options. Flangeless makes for an extra stiff wheel and protects your spokes. Doubt youll break the guards on it, mine were still going strong after more than a year of rough street ledges.

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Come ride street later hoe

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Just an ezra style clutch ring and springs with some extra machining in the hubshell and driver. I wanted to do it to my Gsport Ratchet.

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I ran KHE streets and I would get pinch flats on the dumbest shit. Flat 180s, 360s, etc. Worst tire on the market. Get the Shadows.

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It goes under the stem. 1 1/8" headset spacer

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Definitely replace it. Though I think you will be fine until the new one comes in, It will only get worse and eventually the whole thing will split in half.

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It's just a KHE style coaster. Will hold up the same as any other KHE coaster (Shadow, Primo, Federal, Fiend, etc.)

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Capital Crew BMX Videos Support a smaller, rider owned business with your views

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I broke my Keychain several times after a month or so of owning it. I'm coming up on a year on the Supreme with zero issues. Shadow claimed that there haven't been any cases of it breaking reported to them. I do a lot of sprocket stalls, so I have literal ... more »

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If it fits my frame I'm buying it

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It definitely makes the wheel stiffer. It results in 4x lacing which is stiffer than 3x. When I switched from a regular hub to a flangeless, I couldn't believe the difference in stiffness. Now that I switched back, I kind of regret it! @OP, you still ... more »

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I've heard of people getting "super hero like powers" while on LSD. I had a long talk with my friends dad one day (he was telling me about his past drug abuse), and he told me while on LSD him and his friends would have foot races on walls. I believe ... more »

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Subrosa Thunderbeast 21.5" Subrosa High Life Stem Subrosa Magnum 28t sprocket Subrosa Bitchin Mid BB Subrosa Big Bitchin 170mm Cranks Shadow Conspiracy Raptor LHD Freecoaster Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Front Hub Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Supreme Chain

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BSD Nasa. Literally the same design as the Ribcage, tweaked just a little bit, and way cheaper/slightly lighter. Mine are holding up great!

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I'm only referring to the Supreme chain. I have shredded an Interlock v2 to bits, and know plenty others who have aswell. Supreme over everything.

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Is Dan's Comp really "the BEST in BMX"?

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I've been riding it for like 6months or so now. Usually my chains are falling to pieces or already replaced by now (including the Keychain), but I've yet to get through my first link. I do tons of sprocket stalls and have chunks missing out of my Supreme, ... more »

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The Garden Trails and Wilson Park

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Sounds like you had tightened your sprocket bolt before tightening your cranks. Always tighten your cranks first. This will sandwich your sprocket between the crank and bottom bracket, making sure it's straight.