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Hey i bought 2 2.35 tires should i take one back and a 2.10 (2.35 front and 2.10 rear) ? right now im running 2 2.25's

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They are ight


The Good: -easy to put on -affordable -flanges come of easily -last long

The Bad: -kinda hurt the hands after a while of riding

Overall: very good for the price but much rather of gotten animal edwins or odyssey keyboard grips

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this is a review


The Good: almost everything -sick frame

The Bad: -really small bars

Overall: really good bike, recommend the frame. (my friend has it)

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Pretty good


The Good: -Frame -Bars -Rims -Seat -Weight

The Bad: -Bottom Bracket -Cranks -The pegs that come with (but whateva) -Tires (kenda)

Overall: Great lightweight stock bike for starting out, but also very good for the advanced rider if some parts are swapped. I have one and I put on a new bb, grips, back tire, cranks, and still saving for a new stem and forks. I personally love this bike and think that it was worth it.

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