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The Good: They are comfy grippy and durable but not that great

The Bad: If you spend in a puddle or it's raining you cant pedal without your foot slipping off one pedal it's annoying to deal with

Overall: If dry it's an awesome pedal but wet it's toattally awful I've been ridding them for about to months still good but I couldn't deal with the wet slip part so I switched them out to primo tenderizers I've ridden them before and liked them a lot!!!

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Awesome tire


The Good: Grippy af great for street ridding around the city having to stop skid a lot!!! Didn't get a blowout until thread was fully gone! And that's took about two months of ridding 10/7 it delt with surfaces pretty good nothing like major slips only tiny shifts which is fine with me awesome color as well good for grinds these tires take a beating very reliable price isn't really much of an issue to me I'd spend anything for my bike :D

The Bad: Nothing I can't complain at all they lasted longer and were more durable than I expected :)

Overall: Awesome tires I would mos def re up on these but first I have three other tires to test out I haven't even ridden yet right now I. Ridding momentums by demolition see how those compare might end up back on these for life :D

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No complaints just awareness ;)


The Good: Mostly everything it's runs good took me a while before the spokes got loose pegs are awesome the bike itself can take a beating... Getting it I was planning to switch some parts like pedals stem grips only thing I felt needed to be changed after ridding for a while was the grips and pedals

The Bad: Need a rim strip on back tire sometimes you might get punctures cause of your spokes

Overall: Great bike lovin it rides smooth very comfortable feel to it just make sure to get a rim strip just in case other than that it's light comfy and can take a beating

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