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Great cranks


The Good: They can run micro drive and regular sprockets on either side the spindle is hollow and both the sprocket bolt and the spindle bolt are hollow there 22mm so thicker the pedal bosses are awesome haven't stripped out witch is good for me seeing how all my other ones strip out while im riding overall i love them couldn't ask for more.

The Bad: lol its a wimpy thing but i had to get a new bottom bracket cause there 22mm lol but i love them


the best cranks ive ever ridden and ive ridden: profile racing, odyssey thermal, odyssey twombolts, nitrous, fit cranks, and a couple others these are by far the best!!!!!

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I run a chase hawk 2.40 in the front and an animal tom white wall 2.0 i love them and i do a lot of street and im kinda a park rat haha i recommend them both, i've ridden a lot of tires and none of them in my opinion are beter

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New frame BSD beverage


The Good: Well awesome color ways, it has an awesome weight and some awesome specs on it.

The Bad: It doesn't come in 20" although im 5'8 i like a smaller frame for more stability for me other than that i love it and couldn't ask for anything better!!

Overall: Well i really like the frame like alot haha

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a lot of damn chrome haha but nice bike

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