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WAIT I am wrong lol On the Mission Intrepid for example, it has Individual Wraparound Springs, but still 4 pawls

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LOL all the park kids would be on that faster than a elite and z coaster combined haha But nah it's just a double slotted 4 pawl for two springs

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Well Mission Bikes has some driver setups in their hubs, with a Double Wraparound Spring, I know that much

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LOL Blaaaaaaaaa with the confuse. Small parts, economy shipping, should go through usps if only spokes right?

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SPOKES So I will be relacing my wheels hopefully soon, going to order off albes, Primo 14g Spokes for my outbound and regular USA Stainless Steel 14g spokes for my inbound was kinda of curious, excluding DB, TB, or TI spokes, would some company's, like ... more »

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G Sport Bird's G Sport Roll's ODSY Aerospace's Alienation Felon's Alienation Runaway's Alienation Skylark's Sun Rhyno Lite XL's Sun Envy's (Park Specific) Eclat Mercury (v2 *NOTE: v1 is lighter may be much weaker... I think the v2 is built thicker* Those ... more »

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I've heard more good than bad honestly, albes has them and they are fairly cheap $109.95 USD why I am asking is, did they always have a pedal boss gussett? that's always a good thing but just curious

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Fernengels IG Clip at woodward where he did a manual to frontie from roll in to box jump (might have been resi?) Kerleys front cover photo of the rail hop bar to flat on that mega set (as seen in his cinema part) Gerber doing the flippity floppity flair ... more »

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8.25 bars like ye m8 hop skillz 8/8

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Wasn't the Sunday Wave 6???

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Alright cool, and what I meant by not as sturdy, was really about spoke placement, something bad relating to how wide apart they are.

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Start over a fresh new wheelset, or just do the rear? Kink's freecoaster seems nice but I was told the way the Atlas rim is setup. it won't be as sturdy of a build The Revenge Wheelset is 2 wheels for the same price as the Kink Wheel, fully sealed, DW ... more »

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So I need to buy some new bearings for my friends RotatoR Driver, which are 6802-LLB Enduro Bearings (Coming out of a RotatoR v1 Coaster) His driver bearings were not in the best condition to start then I practically sent them to their place on Death ... more »

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What might be a good set to be taking, being a bmx rider and all. Obviously B for energy Which ones should I take for bone structure and things like that, joint pain, etc. And whatever else might be a good one. Would a multi cover most of it?

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