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My Candy Marble Beauty 1

My current setup as of 1/22/14
My current setup as of 1/22/14 My current setup as of 1/22/14 My current setup as of 1/22/14 OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD
Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame Colony Premise 13"CS 20.75"TT
Fork Cult Sect v2 Solid forks, good offset
Handlebars Cult LEADER v2 9"R 30.25"W (riding them uncut)
Bar ends Kink Ideal 22.2mm sits inside the grip and looks clean
Stem Colony Squareback TL Clean, solid, looks amazing
Grips ODI Longneck ST Good grips
Headset Colony Integrated Very smooth
Cranks Premium Stock pieces of poo poo
Bottom bracket Colony Mid 19mm Very smooth
Sprocket Colony CC Got it from Paddy Gross... stoked
Chain KMC K710SL Half Link and Masterlink installed together
Pedals Colony Fantastic Plastic Solid pedals
Brake levers Eclat Sniper Good lever
Brakes Dia Tech Hombre U-Brake Yep
Detangler Other Salt Geo Rotor It's pretty good
Brake cables SST Gyro Cables Oiled the shit out of them
Seat United Pivotal Not sure which one.
Seatpost Other ??? not sure
Front rim Colony Pinnacle DW
Rear rim Colony Pintour DW
Front hub Colony Wasp
Rear hub Colony Wasp Re-greased with Tri-Flo Superior Dry Lube
Front tire Maxxis DTH 2.2
Rear tire Maxxis DTH 2.2
Pegs BSD Unit Kriss Kyle Sigs (4 of them now)
General Info
Model Year 2014
Weight 0 lb 0 oz (0 g)
Additional Info 23-24 pounds, somewhere around there.
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