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First Bike is the Best ;) Bike check 2014

First time I got the BMX for Free off bestfriend. Felt Frame. Sexy Bike ;)
First time I got the BMX for Free off bestfriend. Felt Frame. Sexy Bike ;) Bought a wethepeoeple versus 2013 Swapped white wheels with friend for red Swapped some parts from old bike and got a new chain Resprayed it black but didn't do crank arms and swapped pedals New Tyres :) Fit 2.30 Tan Walls New Seat :) TotalBMX <3 <3 Swapped pedals as friend had broke plastics trying a 360 :( <3 This Picture Both were mine <3 but my red bike has now gone :( New Red Stem <3 Was my Project/Main BMX

Wethepeople Justice 2012 on LEFT and Versus 2013 Custom on RIGHT New Bike 1 - Mutiny Seat New Bike 2 - Fit Tan Walls 2.30 -
Proper Gyro setup and Trebol Stem. New Bike 3 - Need My tyres turning around as they are the wrong way because of friend -_- New Bike 4 - Love it :) Don't know what to buy for it. New Bike 5 - Social Storm 2013 - 14/08/2014
Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame Social Bike Co Storm 2013
Fork Odyssey Classic Race V1 or V2
Handlebars Shadow Conspiracy Vultus 9.0
Bar ends ODI ODI
Stem Salt SaltPlus Frontload
Grips ODI ODI Soft
Headset Other Intergrated
Cranks Primo Hollowbite V1 or V2
Bottom bracket Primo Primo
Spindle Primo Primo
Sprocket Fly Circulo 25t
Chain KMC 710SL
Pedals Odyssey Twisted 9/16
Brake levers Odyssey Odyssey
Brakes Proper Proper
Detangler SNAFU Mobeus
Brake cables SNAFU Gyro
Seat Tree Ergo Fat
Seatpost Tioga Pivotal
Seatpost clamp Other Social Built In Clamp
Front rim Eclat Eclat
Rear rim Eclat Eclat
Driver/freewheel Salt Plus
Front hub Salt Trapez
Rear hub Salt Plus Trapez
Front tire Fit F.A.F. 2.30 Tan Wall
Rear tire Fit F.A.F. 2.30 Tan Wall
General Info
Model Year 2013
Weight 22 lb 0 oz (9979 g)
Additional Info I have G-Sport Simian and Ratchet Hubs which I am building up and currently I am saving up some money to buy the G-Sport Rims. Once I have built my G-Sport Wheels I may take the bike apart clean every inch of it and put it back together piece by piece making sure it is 100% working, greased up and clean. At the moment I love the bike and how it rides and feels. I haven't been able to ride the bike for around 2 months so I will have to get used to riding again. Updated: 22nd November 2014.