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Added reply in a thread Seth Kimbrough needs your help 10/25/2014 12:46 AM

Why would I give money to someone with a lot more than I do? I think it's pretty bad to even ask considering 90% of bmxers are young and skint

Added reply in a thread Music you hate 10/25/2014 12:36 AM

Trap rap, pop, screamo/metal and the most electro pretty much. I'll take rock and indie over it any day (you really can't say you hate all indie, the term is just a blanket term for anything relatively unknown. Listen to Royal Blood and I think you'd ... more »

Added reply in a thread How is this possible? 10/24/2014 2:28 AM

Well I'm pretty sure if removing material from the headtube doesn't cause any issues at all so simply put there isn't an issue. bike parts snap through the welds 99% of the time (unless the tubing used is too thin Which is pretty much only on sub 4 pound ... more »

Added reply in a thread How is this possible? 10/23/2014 11:11 AM

yeah I mean the fact the entire KHE team is riding the frames and forks and quite a few other companies are starting to use it means it must be shit right. Also what was the last time you say a frame snap through the headtube or a fork through the center ... more »

Added reply in a thread How is this possible? 10/23/2014 9:50 AM

if it isn't Odyssey or Sunday it will instantly be written off as shit despite the fact no one has rode one yet, the is Vital after all

Added reply in a thread New Brett Banasiewicz Video 10/23/2014 9:40 AM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6C7jmY6res heres the video, shows what he's gone through. Such an inspiration and he's overcome so much. I hope he goes from strength to strength and gets as close to where he used to be as possible (also if there is a argument for wearing a helmet ever ... more »

Added reply in a thread New Brett Banasiewicz Video 10/23/2014 2:33 AM

He had a huge crash(7 over a box and yes with a helmet on, without he would probably have died) and gave himself some pretty Nasty brain damage to the point he had to relearn to walk and talk (as I remember) and also damaged nerves which slowed his reactions ... more »

Added reply in a thread Fiend Garrett Reynolds Frame 10/23/2014 2:26 AM

Looks cool and low BBs are what he's had on all his frames so no surprises there and they seem to work well enough for him

Added reply in a thread Better bars 10/22/2014 11:24 PM

rider owned and backed with products no one's breaking and have some unique geo's and styles going on. Whats bad about that exactly

Added reply in a thread Buy these shoes. 10/22/2014 3:38 AM

Good to see vans doing this and it's for a great cause, if I had that kind of spare cash I'd happily help out

Added reply in a thread Better bars 10/22/2014 2:21 AM

Last time I checked Fiend was owned and run by Garret?

Liked a comment on the item Vital BMX Game of BIKE: Park - First Four Riders Announced 10/18/2014 1:44 PM

I really want to see Kriss Kyle on that list.

Added reply in a thread To those on the 48 search 10/12/2014 12:47 PM

Honestly I think it's kind of overkill nowadays, wheels have got so much stronger over the years and 99% of people don't need 48 hole wheels.a well trued 36 is more than enough for pretty much anyone (unless you ride for bonedeth that is) Also it's pretty ... more »

Added reply in a thread What do you think about flatland? 10/8/2014 10:31 AM

massive respect for flat riders, to even be acceptable at it requires so much work. Really impresses me that anyone can have the patience to get into it in the first place let alone the ability

Added reply in a thread Companies That Make Everything? 9/30/2014 12:30 PM

BSD have everything but a brake and a rim (probably wont be too long on the rims) and I think kink make everything but a chain

Added reply in a thread Calling my tall riders. 6ft lol 9/28/2014 11:36 PM

bigger bars will give you less room, think about it. They will be at roughly a 75 degree angle (in line with the forks) therefore pushing bigger bars further back than smaller ones reducing the amount of room you have. 9 is tall enough for pretty much ... more »

Added reply in a thread Mainiac Good For Street? 9/28/2014 9:29 AM

It would be fine. There is no such thing as a street or park frame, its just bullshit marketing to draw in the ignorant

Added reply in a thread Is the BSD Passenger frame a good park frame?!? 9/14/2014 11:54 AM

its a great frame for street, park and dirt. get it.

Added reply in a thread Profile "Z-Coaster" Prototype 9/12/2014 1:51 PM

videos up on youtube now, looks very interesting indeed, the spacers take it from 60, 90, 120 degrees before engagement AT THE PEDAL but it appears if you backpedal past that point it will then turn into a regular cassette style. Would really like a ... more »

Added reply in a thread Stop Teasing Me Interbike 2014 9/12/2014 10:47 AM

Can anyone explain to me why protec havn't made the full cut fully certified this year. seems really pointless to me as the design if anything should provide more protection not less, especially as they are always going on about how only certified helmets ... more »