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Added a comment about video ROOTS with Mike Dominguez 4/3/2009 9:07 PM

Hit the pause button at 2:07 and at 2:37...
I ride now because of what the dude was doing when I was 12...


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Yo - thanks everyone!
I promised my bro that I wouldn't make a discussion of it but it's funny to see the comments here on one site and then read the "so new school" comments on another site (http://www.thecomeupbmx.net/post.php?pid=7937) ...
Thanks again!

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Deemo is the truth!!!!!!!

Such a good edit, dude - get at me...


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Dennis McCoy did indeed do those over spines years ago... Pretty sure he tried a couple at the X-games too (years ago)...

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Rob Ridge is my hero

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