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Please someone, tell me the song name!

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Was alright


The Good: Was pretty strong, ended up using some parts on my high end bike because I was having issues with some parts, still going strong. Overall it was pretty good, a tiny bit weird with long chainstays but you get used to it. This bike is quality.

The Bad: The tires are low pressure, 60 psi max and have a lot of rolling resistance. Slowed down pretty quickly. Grips are hard.


I recommend switching the tires, grips, and pedals out, maybe get taller bars or whatever you like.

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But if I were to switch my Demo momentum tires for these, it'd be crazy. 1.1lbs tires for 1.7lbs. Might as well put cement tires on

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Bumping an old thread like a cool kid. 1.7lbs is pretty heavy for tires

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Best cranks ever.


The Good: No flex that I can notice unlock my stock cranks. Strong as all hell, I'm 180lbs and ride them almost all day every day doing stair sets and everything. They don't even creak. Also, they're light.

The Bad: Nothing at all. Unless you like to have a rainbow bike, in that case the lack of colors may disappoint.


Everybody says that they're super hard to put on and blah blah blah. Put a little grease on the spindle, and the splines of the crank arm and it just glides on nicely. Seriously. I take these off and give everything a good cleaning 3 times a month and they're still easy to put on without any trouble.
Also, to the people saying the logo by your leg rubs off - I've been riding these for months and it's still there, clean and visible as day 1.

10/10 I'd put my feet on these any day. I recommend them to everyone who says they need new cranks.

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Yeah, he says "it might be for sale" because he was using it for scamming people on Pinkbike

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Shadow 138's


The Good: Grippy. Almost instantly broke in. long without flanges, and nice and soft. Bar ends aren't total sh*t

The Bad: I have now had these for 10 months and they are still going. A little bit worn in some small spots but no tearing or anything


10 months of riding in both cold weather and warm weather and these are still going! Still grippy even in the areas that are worn down. I would recommend them to everyone considering how long they've lasted and how good they look and feel.

Updated my rating to 4.5 from 4.0 since I've gotten a chance to ride these a lot more

They don't get very slippery when your hands get sweaty either.
The bar ends have held up surprisingly well consider all the dropping and throwing of my bike. Only one of them has a tiny little split in the nylon that doesn't even matter

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Gauges work for me


The Good: Grippy, light, cheap, and if you slip often like I do.. (I fail) they don't tear up your legs

The Bad: Nothing except the fact there aren't many colors to choose from


I've been riding them for about a month now and they look great, and feel even better. My feet don't slip at all and they feel strong as hell. I've dropped my bike quite a few times and they barely even scratch against the ground. I'd recommend them to anyone who likes the way they look. Definitely worth it. My favorite pedals.

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