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I'm left handed and right foot forward and my natural rotation is spinning left. So maybe yours is right? You should be able to tell which way you're more comfortable spinning though.

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Anyone know where I can buy a decent mudguard that's compatible with a BMX? At the moment my bike is my only transport to work & it's winter, I get trashed up with dirt when the grounds wet so I always have to take an extra pair of trousers... I ... more »

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Amazing, Love them.


The Good: Honestly my favourite ever tires, they're lightweight, foldable, strong & great grip for street or park. The tread design looks awesome & love the branding on the side wall. I've been riding these for 8 months and they're still in great condition, no way near being bald yet. They're really squeaky on the right surfaces which makes them really fun when doing tricks. I've only had 1 flat tire whilst riding these the whole 8 months, which is a huge surprise and relief to me because before I had these, I was getting flats every couple of days which really started to aggravate me. I know that when I decide that these are worn out (if they ever do, they seem to last forever!), my instant decision will be to buy the exact same tires.

The Bad: None, all round great tires, have no complaints whatsoever.


Amazing tires, if you aren't sure on what tires to get, I'd like to lean you towards buying a pair of these ;).

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Why not find someone who's willing to buy it and let them request the colour?

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Shadow Conspiracy Overtaker are great all round tyres, and they look great.

Updated bike check My Cult Pure Black & White 3/18/2013 8:59 PM
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Looks decent, but you can generally switch the drive side on most bikes these days. it's up to you what bike you go with either way.

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It doesn't look like it has holes for gyro tabs, but it's still possible to get holes drilled on the head tube for gyro installation.

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That's just a kind of mindset people have when there's nothing in front of them. When there's something in front of you that you intend to hop over or onto, you subconsciously try harder to get up there so that you don't have to deal with the consequences ... more »

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So I just installed a new wheel to my bike. Haven't hit the parks yet, but I've ridden on wheels before and I prefer it, my bike looks very clean too.

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I never really knew about CR honestly, I wish they'd pretty up their site a bit though

. Usually if I need emergency parts on the spot, I'd head to Evans Cycles in-store. They have a pretty good BMX service along with the rest of their biking ... more »
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Vans. Love the grip.

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Is there any reason in specific why I shouldn't order from Source, other than potentially missing the delivery? Honestly, there's always someone in my house so I never miss deliveries.

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Just go with whatever colour scheme you want. Don't worry about what other people think. That website is pretty awesome though.

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I ride a Shadow Interlock V2. Been perfect so far, I've had it around 7 months and expect it to last much longer. The come in a wide variety of colours, and like all Shadow gear, they look so nice.

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Future: That Shadow BTR seriously looks phenomenal visually, and I'm sure it's internals and performance match. I love Shadow's style. I'm looking to get Shadow's Vultus bars next. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I've decided to go with the G-Sport

... more »
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Seems like a pretty decent hub. Too bad I'd have to paint it white, since I can't go without my colour scheme (little bit OCD, eh?) I was also looking at the G-Sport Ratchet hub, it looks great and has lifetime warranty, I may go ahead and get one of ... more »

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I've recently come to see quite a fair few bad reviews on the hub, which is why I was having second thoughts. Before, I saw good reviews on it, which is why I prioritised it. But you can never really know without experiencing first hand with a hub. You ... more »

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Okay, I finally found a great UK supplying BMX website that offer a free wheel building service when you buy all the parts from them, so this thread is now even more pointless than it initially was. Thanks for the help either way you two.

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I need some recommendations on a new rear cassette hub, for quite some time I've had my eye on the Odyssey Hazard V3 hub but only now do I have the money for a whole new wheel build. I'm getting a Hazard Lite rim (black) and was going to lace it to a ... more »

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