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whatever you do don't go and buy a brand like 'Dirty' or 'muddyfox' hahahaha my first bmx was a Dirty and it was shite beyond shite.Within 9months the headset was going, I'd bent the spindle an the wheels had buckled. hardly quality.

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its not like theres a shortage of colours of helmets either.. aha cant believe someone mentioned condoms.. Next time you knock yourself out performing some sort of sexual act, please do let us all know ;D

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Ive got Federal Drops.. I trust Alex D enough to reckon theyre at least decent and won't blow out quick, i dont care about them squeaking aha

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whittle a carrot top down (with greenery still attached) and fit them in. then you have adorable little natural tassles on your barends too, bet that'll look cute ;0 in all seriousness...barends are cheap man!

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I think sponsored riders big in the scene, or truly pro should wear helmets in edits.. kids look up to them and if they emulate a lack of helmet they have more chance of injuring themselves badly. My little 8yo brother recently stopped wearing a helmet, ... more »

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hate to resurrect a thread but I was recommended some of these so bought myself a pair, I figured they could be better than my united swerve/direct set which the thread kept peeling off. anyone got these?? how do they feel??? bought myself a big fat

... more »
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Damn! Kid kills it and that outdoor section looks insane.

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