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How does it feel being idolised by so many bmx riders around the world? and if you could say one thing to those wanting to be as successful as you, what would it be?

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Yeah man I also won a free week, I havn't been contacted at all yet either! :-(

Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Raptor Front Hub 2/11/2012 1:06 PM

very pleased


The Good: After having my awful Vandero 2 hub riding with this hub re-enlightened me with what is feels like to have a smooth running hub, spins for ages, the chrome colour looks amazing, i run mine with the correponding shadow conspiracy hubguards on either side which makes the hub look even better

The Bad: the bolts it comes with are 15mm which is fairly annoying seeing as i now have to bring two size sockets with me when im outriding instead of the usual 17mm

Overall: Great hub, would recommend to anyone

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The Good: I had my doubts about how long these would last, but wow am i amazed. had them for at least 8 months now, been in 3 different frames, and they still spin incredibly smooth, the funky bearing shell colour is also pretty cool ;D

The Bad: the outer cover parts don't look that great in my opinion :-P

Overall: Very very good bearings, would recommend them!

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Added a product review for Demolition PC Pedals 2/11/2012 12:55 PM

great pedals


The Good: These so far have been my favourite pedals, they are super grippy, the whole surface beaing knurled makes a hell of a difference, its great, they're fairly light, they look great, the bearing cap is strong and looks great with the Demolition D logo. 6mm alan key slot is very useful

The Bad: Being plastic pedals, the will wear down quick if you do pedal grinds, and the bearings come loose over time, quite hard to adjust them so they spin forever smoothly also

Overall: Overall these are great pedals, been riding mine for around 3 months, not a problem wiith them really, would definately recommend them

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Added a product review for Duo Brand Resilite Pivotal Post 2/11/2012 12:46 PM

not too happy


The Good: Its very light, it holds the seat in place very well, looks very good too. didn't expect it to be that great as it is sort of plasticy but it does the job very well

The Bad: Mine seems to have seized itself in my frame and i literally can't get it out, i'm fairly sure its the post and not my frame that is causing this because i greased up my seat tube alot

Overall: Overall due to the fact that its seized in my frame i'm not too happy, but for a seat post it does the job very well, super strong and light

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Added a product review for Demolition Momentum Tire 2/11/2012 12:34 PM

Only tires i'll ever buy


The Good: These tires really are great, They look amazing, the tread is great and works well for any type of riding, super grippy, last AGES, May just be for me but after having these tires for around 3 months now, i've only had one puncture. and they are cheap as hell!!! definate bargain is you ask me

The Bad: Can't think of anything bad, exept maybe they don't come in red wall yet :-(

Overall: Best tires you will ever get, what ever style of riding you like, these tires will serve you well

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The best grips


The Good: These are by FAR the best grips i've ever had, they are super comfy, the small flange is a great idea, it doesn't get in the way at all, they last a very very long time, super grippy and look amazing

The Bad: Nothing i can think of :-)

Overall: These are a real bargain, best grips you will ever have, comfortable, durable, grippy, stylish. Amazing grips

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they're not bad


The Good: They look great, longer than most grips which in my eyes is a bonus, last a long time

The Bad: They aren't very comfortable, after they've been worn in they feel really thin against the bars

Overall: Not bad grips, they will last you a long time if the comfort factor doesn't bother you

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comfiest ones ever


The Good: They are ridiculously comfy to ride,

The Bad: They don't last very long at all

Overall: Great grips if you don't mind replacing them every 2 or so weeks

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Excellent frame


The Good: Very solid, and pleasing to the eye, a decent weight for the great strength of this frame, been riding mine for around 8 months, not one problem with it and its suprisingly dent resistant. The trans red colour is so amazing

The Bad: The small dropouts make having pegs quite hard, but it is perfectly possible

Overall: Would definately recommend this frame for anyone, it can take a beating and still look good at the end of it :-)

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Hey guys, I have the shadow raptor front hub and i've been looking to get the shadow raptor hubguards for it but i can't find anywhere in the uk that has them in stock or anything, so does anyone have this hub that can tell me which hubguards would fit ... more ยป

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urmmm 157 pieces

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