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They are meant to be pretty decent from what I have heard, getting a stranger ballast front hub next month laces to a ribcage. One of my friends has some of their stuff and thinks they are very good

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It will if you do it a few hours a day and a pedaling like mad. Mountain biking is alot easier to lose weight than bmx is in my opinion. Also on bmx you will burn both fat and muscle, if you don't have something sugary at the same time. This is because ... more »

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Go for a we the people complete. In my opinion they make the best completes, failing getting a we the people get a fit

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Sounds near perfect, only thing that is needed for it to be perfect for me is a 21.25" option haha. 21" is just a tad short for me

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Just get a 2015 or 2014 complete instead as you'll get a lot more more your money. Try going full 4130 frame, forks and bars and sealed everything. Plus 20.25" is abit short ain't it?

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Just use 187mm for both sides, there is enough adjustment in the spoke nipples to compensate

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Animal make capped axle nuts for the rear, take a look at them

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Go on wtp website and go to the bikes and scroll to the bottom and there should be a link that say catalogue. That has all the bikes from each year, click 2014 and find the justice and it should have the specs. Or just google wtp justice 2014 geo

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I've never aired a ramp or bowl as I'm still getting used to bmx really and haven't tried it yet. I do get air at my local race tracks though, lately been clearing the jump which I'm quite happy about. First time I got air was when I finally got round ... more »

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Jesus, 30k medical bills. Why on earth is our government hell-bent on following the American system when ours is rated the second best in the world and we pay nowhere near 30k a year for it, we pay 5k if that a year out of taxes depending on how much ... more »

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I use Merritt Crosschecks. They are alright, pretty comfortable but do give me blisters after a long session. The BSD Forever Hi grips are nice too

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the metro books

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Awesome, 162 should be plenty then

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Alright, cheers

thought 162mm sounded quite short. I'll get looking for some, think S&M pitchforks have a 172mm options so will look into those ... more »

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Is a 162mm steerer tube long enough to run spacers? stupid question I know, but I'm curious as to if that will allow me to run spacers. Both sets of forks I own have been cut (not by me) So oneday when I need new ones want to know what length steerer ... more »

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Maybe contact Primo about it and tell them what you said and see what they say to do about it

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My local hospital, Southampton general which is one of the best in the UK and the world for leading in stem cell research and children's heart surgery etc is quite good about it. I've only been twice when I've landed really bad on my wrist and almost

... more »

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You're not gunna get a definitive answer due to geometry, personal preference etc. But for if I rode street I'd get a we the people cream or a s&m tall boy

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Yesterday in next to my flat storage someone left wood against the wall at a slight angle so rode upto it to use it as a ramp onto the wall but not thinking about the wood just being sat there it moved so I just went into the wall, luckily I had pulled ... more »

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Thanks for clearing up ksi meaning. Along with that extra info

Completely got the meaning confused haha. S&M and Fitbikeco use true temper supertherm on some frames. Not sure if its the whole frame of just the top tube and down tube. They ... more »