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Yea, used to haha, got some nice rust streaks where the paint has chipped slightly but if you ask me they look pretty damn cool haha. Now has Odyssey R25s, Fit BF stem and BSD Raiders Shortly after this photo it sadly went into storage for over a year due to shit going on in my life like living in temporary accommodation etc lol. Ride when ever I can now despite sucking ass haha

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Added reply in a thread Any artists here? 8/2/2015 4:58 AM

I used to okay in a few bands, none ever worked out lol. Everyone just wanted to do covers, I always wanted to write our own stuff lol. Gave up with that now unless I get a new amp haha

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Post a picture of the frames bottom bracket so we know what it looks like but chances are its gunna be a mid or spannish bb

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I used to ride a XC Mountain bike but it got stolen. Would ride about 20 miles 2-3 times a week, I weighed about 40lbs less when I used to do that haha. Though since getting my BMX sorted and starting that again after moving house etc I have lost 11lbs ... more »

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Got a helmet now

ordered a tsg dawn which got here on Tuesday I think haha. Not had a chance to get out with it yet though. Gunna get some knee pads soon as the rate I'm going ill have a knee replacement by my mid 20's haha. My knee now clicks ... more »

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I'd go for the zodiac personally as I love WTP completes. I ride a 2012 WTP trust which has been amazing and is extremely durable. The PK3 is also a excellent bike. Fit make great completes too. What type of riding do you plan to do? The zodiac is aimed ... more »

Started new thread Favourite bands/artists/genre 7/31/2015 4:55 PM

So as the title suggests, what's your fav bands/artists? Mine are Nirvana, Slayer, Random Hand, The JB Conspiracy, Anti Vigilante, The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, The Vines, Korn and a load of others. My fav genres are in this order, Skapunk, Alternative ... more »

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Nice man, I've owned one of those in the past in blueburst. Pretty nice guitars for the

I'll have to get myself a new acoustic soon as I no longer have one and miss it haha. What type of stuff ya plan on learning? I have a nirvana chord ... more »

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A hub guard will prevent you from snapping spokes as easily when grinding and will also protect the flanges from bending and being warn down. I'd defo get some I you're gonna be grinding quite often

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Hey man, integrated and threadless are slightly different. Here's a link for you, hope it


Added reply in a thread SCREW BEE EM EX!!! 7/29/2015 8:01 PM

I used to do both till my MTB got nicked. Weren't a amazing bike but I liked it, carrea vengeance. Both are fun. MTB is nice being out in the woods and on mountains etc. BMX is great at the parks and on the dirt. Street is all right

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Just walk, walk until you are in pain from it. Its what I do haha. Is there any nice rivers etc by you? A nice secluded place?? Its nice to be out on your own with nothing but nature. Plus you can be hours walking and not know it. Me and my fiance walk ... more »

Added reply in a thread Girls, Girls, Girls... 7/29/2015 7:04 PM

Had quite a few girlfriends in the past, never anything serious or anything long term. Just school flings really haha. I recall one ex I was with for about a month, crazy bitch would swear at everyone and say I shagged her etc when I never have done. ... more »

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I write some stuff, not good with lyrics, can never get things to flow together and can come up with really catchy lines and then nothing for ages and end up with a load of random lines haha. I'm more into composer when o write something. I'll do a few ... more »

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Manuals and tailwhips

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Any of your mates ride a 20.75 or 21" frame? I'm 6'4 and ride a 21" frame which feels perfect unless on the dirt the it feels cramped

ask your mates if you can try their bikes and see if that feels good to you. In the mean time pull harder ... more »

Added reply in a thread What is the best site to buy bmx from in england? 7/29/2015 12:00 PM

Source are brilliant and pijin are awesome, cool guys there. My local bmx shop haha, they're all riders and very helpful guys but think they closed the shop down now but still can buy online from them

Added reply in a thread big clunk sound when i land :( 7/28/2015 6:10 PM

Do you run brakes? If you do it could be the cable hanger hitting the frame. That grinding sounds like a blown B.B this could also be the cause of the clanging sound. Try changing out the B.B

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I ride r25s which I got off mate and they easily have enough clearance for 2.3" which I run. I reckon a 2.4" is the max you'll fit on them. Great forks, but its upto you. Read around and see what tickles your fancy